Finger painter

Artist painting with fingersA photo open source 43-year-old Fabian Gayet is an artist who specializes in finger painting. He is so good at owning his a technique that can create a small landscape with your fingers in just three minutes. Photos from open sources Fabian creates his “magic” on the streets of Puerto Montt, Chile, and sells paintings for either six euros for piece (or 10 euros for three). He always walks with big black a suitcase filled with oil paints and glass panels. As soon as he receives a painting order, he dips his fingers in paint to fill the panel with mountains, trees, rivers, waterfalls. Three minutes later, the painting is finished, sealed and transferred to its new owner. To really understand how Fabian works, you just need to watch the video. Photo from open sources The video was taken by a group of Russian Tourists near the Cathedral of Malaga in Spain, where Fabian painted by the past in summer. He didn’t even know that the video hit the Internet until he friends began to call. If you watch the video more carefully, then you can see that an extraordinary painter works on a certain, gradual technique. First he draws the elements, which are far on the horizon, such as the sky and mountains. Then he moves on to closer objects and details, such as trees, rivers and waterfalls. The final touch is the bird flying over the horizon. Fabian painted with his fingers since childhood, using any improvised materials. From the age of 18 he began to do this seriously, and succeeded. He traveled to 20 countries in 20 years, and sold each finger-drawn picture.


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