Fireballs on the mountain of the dead

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In 1959, the Soviet expedition that founded the station Mirny sent a group of six researchers deep into Antarctica, to reach the south magnetic pole. Returned back alive only two researchers, both on the verge of insanity. Narrated by the polar explorers was strictly classified, circumstances affairs were not published anywhere. Only 40 years later, one of the participants the expedition gave an interview in which he told what really happened His story helped shed light on yet another mysterious the matter is the death of the Dyatlov group, which for many years excited the minds of scientists and simple inhabitants … Nonrandom tragedies Before the group polar explorers, led by an experienced researcher Yuri Korshunov, the task was set – to reach the magnetic pole and make necessary measurements of soil and air. In three weeks the group managed reach the goal and pitch tents. Tired of the long road, polar explorers decided to go to bed. However, no one was able to fall asleep. Yuri Korshunov came out of the tent to ventilate – and for the first time Faced with the fact that he could never forget. Strange object resembling a luminous sphere, soared a couple of hundred meters from the camp. Then Yuri called his colleagues, and everyone left their tents. At that time the ball began to stretch, turning into a cylinder, and on its top a grimace began to form, similar to the mouth of an unknown creature. The group photographer, grabbing the camera, rushed forward to the monstrous top hat, despite the warning cries of colleagues. He is not stopped flipping the shutter while the cylinder stretched out and touched his head. After a moment, the photographer fell dead in snow. His body was burned. The members of the group seized guns and started shooting at a mysterious object, but the cylinder disappeared, before issuing a sheaf of sparks from places where weapons bullets hit. The distraught polar explorers tried to establish communication with the station, but in there was terrible interference on the air, in addition to everything, a blizzard rose dragged on for several days. The return to base seemed unthinkable. Only two days later, when the group rolled up their tents, to return, the sphere reappeared. Polar explorers were ready to shoot. And as the last time, stretched out, the sphere crawled over the heads of two members of the expedition who immediately fell dead. Another polar explorer nearby was completely blind and claiming to have seen the “mouth of the devil”, he died on the way back … A chilling story was published in the early 2000s in American magazine National Geographic from the words of Yuri Korshunov, emigrated to the usa. Meanwhile, in the Northern Urals group skiers of the tourist club of the Ural Polytechnic Institute under the leadership of Igor Dyatlov moved forward. Participants of the campaign were supposed to ski 350 kilometers north of Sverdlovsk area and climb Mount Oiko-Chakur. January 23 the group left by train from Sverdlovsk to Serov, where they arrived 24 January. February 1, 1959 the guys stopped for the night on a slope Mount Holutchahl (translated from Mansi – “Mount of the Dead”), not far from the nameless pass. February 12th, the group was supposed to reach the end point of the route – the village of Vizhay, and on the 15th – return to Sverdlovsk. However, the tourists did not return to either the following days. Their search lasted 10 days, when finally discovered an empty tent with a cut wall. Down the hill the bodies of all nine participants in the campaign were found. Some were burnt, one girl had no eyeballs. Watch on in the hands of tourists, frozen, showed different times. What is common between these incidents, which happened even in one year, but all the same in different places? General points Oddly enough, but no one ever tried to link these incidents together despite a lot of common points. So, for example, as in the case of polar explorers, the bodies of the tour group participants had similar injuries: the bodies of Yuri Doroshenko and Yuriy Krivonischenko were burned, despite the full no trace of radiation or exposure to any process burning – the level of radiation from clothes was only slightly higher natural background. The internal organs of the rest of the tourists were damaged, despite the complete absence of traces of exposure from the outside. Further more. A watch in the hands of one of the participants in the campaign, Rustem Slobodina, showed 8:45. Two hours on the hands of Nicholas Thibault-Brignoles froze at 8:14 and 8:39. What made mechanical watch hands stop? Maybe strong electromagnetic effect. It was impossible to contact the group it is because of the strongest interference on the air that impeded the signal, – as is the case with polar explorers trying to make contact with village of “Mirny”. Photos from open sources The last frame of the film Yuri Krivonischenko

Mansi locals claimed that on the fateful evening of February 1, before the death of the participants of the campaign, they saw above the place of death of tourists strange luminous balls. They not only described this phenomenon, but also painted it. However, these images disappeared from the case. Glowing the rescuers themselves, as well as other residents of the North, observed the balls Urals, noting the strangeness in their chaotic movement. Attention investigators who figured out the reasons for the death of the group, attracted the 33rd frame film from the camera of Yuri Krivonischenko, made from a tent in that fateful night. It shows the luminous balls that were circulated rumors during the search. They didn’t establish which weapon five meters high were cut branches growing near tents of fir trees. And the branches themselves were not found. Trunks and branches some firs were burnt, but no other burning traces showed up. Numerous damage to internal organs, which caused the death of most tourists, were received due to external influences. Experts agreed on what had place high sound or electromagnetic exposure, find out the nature of which they never succeeded. Dangerous neighborhood For many years, both mysterious phenomena have excited the minds of scientists and researchers paranormal phenomena. However, the explanation capable of shedding light on both matters, it was nevertheless received. American physicist Roy Christopher investigating circumstances the death of polar explorers, put forward a hypothesis that later experimentally proved. According to his findings, the radiation belt Earth – the abode of plasma clots, the natural form of which is the scope. Called by the scientist “plasmoids,” these structures live within the radiation belt, at an altitude of 500-700 kilometers. The sun is their source – with every flash it ejects masses of magnetic plasma formations that in seconds reach our planet, affecting our well-being people, animal behavior and the operation of appliances. All entities have various structure and composition that have not been studied so far. Some are invisible and ephemeral, however, approaching the surface Earth and falling into its magnetic field become dense and tangible. Upon reaching Earth, plasmoids usually get stuck in ionosphere. However, sometimes they descend into the lower atmosphere through magnetic field lines, often in places called “pathogenic zones. “This refers to areas where the magnetic field is unstable. Meeting them promises a person death. After all, becoming dense, plasmoids gain the ability to influence organisms from a distance Living creatures. An example of such harmful effects can there are numerous internal injuries of the tour group participants Dyatlov. It should also be noted that at the end of the winter of 1959 astrophysicists recorded the strongest energy emissions Suns and magnetic storms. Observers in various corners of the planet saw flashes with the naked eye, which indicates high power and emission intensities. Meanwhile, Mount Holachahl and territory around it have a strong and unstable magnetic field, which It is a kind of tunnel for space plasmoids. And rather just like polar explorers, members of the Dyatlov tourist group fell victim like a “reasonable anomaly.”

A photo from open sources Probably tragic events deployed as indicated in the diagram

In order not to disappear Today astrophysicists recommend to people refrain from traveling during periods of high solar activity and avoid places with an abnormal magnetic field, arguing that any adventure – whether it’s a trip to the forest or a climb to the mountains – may end in death. In order not to disappear in the next when traveling, scientists recommend making sure of safety route – there are many sites on the Internet containing information on places of a planet with an unstable magnetic field and predicting the activity of the celestial luminary. After all, unfortunately, carries not only creative, but also destructive energy. Sergey ALEKSEEV Secrets of the twentieth century

Time Dyatlov Pass Sun

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