Firefighters saw something and consulted with meteorologists

Firefighters saw something and consulted with meteorologistsA photo from open sources

American firefighters “lucky” to witness unusual phenomenon, which the most impressionable compared with disaster movie. Burned 150 acres of field strewn with dry grass and many tumbleweed plants. The wind hit a tumbleweed to a huge pile, and from time to time twisted it in a powerful whirlwind, rising high above the ground. If you were involved in this whirlpool burning tumbleweed, in the eyes of firefighters presented a pillar of fire. He shifted in an unpredictable way, hesitating in different directions. Firefighter Thomas Rogers filmed this unusual phenomenon until those until he and his comrades had to hide in a safe a place. Mr. Rogesr brought his videotape to a professional meteorologists and asked to talk about the pillar of fire, because for 7 years of work, he had not seen anything like it. “It was exciting a sight. I work with fire and am always interested in weather issues, and here I happened to see a unique combination of weather and fire. we were powerless to do anything, and we could only to observe from a safe place until the elements calmed down by itself, “- he says. Meteorologist Sarah Dealingham studied the video and told the firefighters about what they happened to face: “You, how as if they witnessed a tutorial on tornado formation. It was a small copy of it, in which you, thanks to involvement in the rotation of garbage and burning plants, were able to see how a tornado pillar forms and develops. ”

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