Fish go ashore

Fish go ashorePhoto from open sources

At least in Australia, a bass that has not only gills, but also primitive lungs, so that he can live on land up to six days.

This is enough for a predatory perch to eat not only other fish in the sea, but also to catch birds on land. Especially since the lungs in this case, as, however, fins, can at the perch improve, and thus the fish will become more adapted for bird hunting.

Scientists are not so much surprised as they fear that such mutations in fish can lead to environmental disaster. For example, Australia’s eclogue Nathan Waltman claims breathable bass can cause an imbalance in the ecosystem of the continent, which threatens much more significant disaster than can be assumed.

While the number of breathing fish is small, the caught perch is like identified by scientists, sailed from New Guinea (Papua), and now time it does not threaten much trouble for Australia. However researchers began to closely monitor what is happening changes in the coastal fauna, fearing that such cases when fish get light, can be repeated and even spread like an epidemic. And in this case you need really sound the alarm.

However, in the marine fauna there are always surprises, which worth, for example, a recently caught warm-blooded fish, not to mention about all sorts of monsters, which are no, no, yes sailors catch to to my surprise and sometimes even horror …

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