Fish rain took place in Australia

Fish rain has passed in AustraliaPhotos from open sources of

News agencies report that in the city of Joba (Australia) it started a very strange rain, and such that many streets were blocked fish. Media cites photos of this mysterious natural phenomena.

Local resident Rick Shills said that fish on average reached 7 centimeters in length, with some still alive.

A photo from open sources

Meteorologists believe that the whole thing is formed in February cyclone “Esther” in the South Pacific. The cyclone moved along northern Australia, reached the western territories and returned back. In the places where he passed, there were severe floods.

Similar cases when fish, frogs, pieces of ice fall from the sky, stones and so on are not so rare. This strange phenomenon is observed. people for a long time, at least two centuries. Experts explain similar cases as follows, they say, the fish sucked in the ocean tornado, and then this “catch” carried away for many kilometers, dropping to the same Australia.

Australia Fish

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