Five more people fell asleep in Kalachi

Five more people fell asleep in KalachiA photo from open sources

New victims of sleeping sickness! In the village of Kalachi Akmolinskaya five more people fell asleep – three men and two women. About This is reported by the KTK channel. Patients were urgently hospitalized in regional hospital. All have the same symptoms: drowsiness, hallucinations, memory loss. People cannot even remember that with them happened. In two years, “sleeping” disease struck in the village already 42 person. It is still not possible to establish its cause. Although to work hooked up the best virologists and radiologists. And even foreign ones. It is also noteworthy that some residents of Kalachi fell asleep already repeatedly. Vladimir Kurguzkin, a resident of the village. Kalachi Akmolinskaya areas: – The guys are fishing, but I just stood there, watched. Look, something shakes me, the grandson was with me. Go home. Brought home and I don’t remember everything that was taken away. My wife slept three times. And every time dreams become more and more “infected” longer. doctors-12 people who fall asleep every time longer. One of the Kalachians “slept” already 16 times, and his last February “dream” lasted almost a week. District authorities decide on the possible relocation of people from the village.

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