Five year old boy remembers his past a life

A five-year-old boy remembers his past lifeA photo from open sources

Five-year-old resident of the American city of Cincinnati Luke Ruelman remembers that in a past life he was a black woman named Pamela and that he lived in Chicago.

It has long been known that it is children who most often remember their past lives. Of course, far from all, therefore, it is no coincidence that such are increasingly reckoned indigo to children.

So Luke did not behave from birth quite normally, and then even began to depress his mother with tales of a black woman named Pam, which he allegedly was in his last incarnation. Boy detail told how he was a girl with black hair, wore earrings, and then, when he grew up and became a girl, he died at thirty. After death, said Luke, he rose to God, but he soon again sent him to Earth – and then the boy woke up as a baby, which was called by everyone around Luke.

The boy so often and persistently told all this that his mother eventually made inquiries, found old newspapers, and to her surprised to find that in Chicago actually lived a certain black Pamela Robinson, who died in a hotel at thirty Paxton, when there was a fire. This happened in 1993.

These and other facts about which Luke spoke found their documentary confirmation. And so the mother of Luke, and even his very skeptical relatives eventually believed that the boy actually remembers his past life.

A photo from open sources

A life

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