Five-year-old telepath lives in Los Angeles

A five-year-old telepath lives in Los AngelesA photo from open sources

In the American city of Los Angeles, a little boy lives with savant syndrome – a rare condition when a person has autistic developmental disabilities, however, has the so-called “island of genius”, which is an outstanding abilities in at least one area, strongly contrasting with the limitations of his personality. Five year old Ramses Sangino named parents in honor of the Egyptian pharaoh speaks seven foreign languages ​​and … can read minds.

A little American began to learn foreign languages ​​back then, when he couldn’t even walk. Mother included Ramses foreign channels, and the kid listened carefully to what they were saying on television. Imagine surprise of a woman when her son began to talk not only on English, but also in Spanish, Italian and German. IN Further, the boy began to learn languages ​​through the Internet.

But the most surprising is not this. Ramses mother recorded a video on which she shuffles the deck and begins to get random cards. As soon as a woman looks at a map, the boy immediately speaks her suit and dignity. The record was sent to many specialists, and Dr. Diana Powell from University of California Parapsychology. At present Ramses is being investigated by specialists.

According to scientists, the boy really has startling abilities that go beyond traditional science. If a person shows a small shirt telepath card and at the same time he doesn’t looks at the card, the child is not able to name it. However worth the participant of the experiment cast a glance at the map as Sangino immediately understands what is depicted on it. One of the researchers decided spend an interesting experience and, looking at the map, mentally pronounced other dignity and suit – Ramses repeated exactly that after him. Thus, scientists realized that the boy is not able to watch through the cards – instead, he reads the thoughts of a person who knows what kind of card it is.

Currently, experts are trying to determine why telepathic abilities appeared precisely in a child with developmental disabilities. It is possible that through such “anomalies in development “the so-called emergence of a new sixth race on Earth, and little Ramses fits the definition – children indigo.

Indigo children

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