Five years later, a married couple of astronauts will go to Mars

A photo from open sources

The first space tourist Dennis Tito plans partially sponsor a mission to Mars for a crew of two astronauts – husband and wife Taber McCallam and Jane Poynter. Scientists claim that what they have been dreaming of for so long can finally become a reality in 2018. Project “Inspiration Mars” received several supporters from among prominent scientists, including including Jonathan Clark, Associate Professor of Neurology Baylor College of Medicine, which was part of six Space Shuttle expeditions. Astronauts are supposed to just fly around the Red Planet, without going into its orbit. From a scientific point of view A 501-day mission view means almost nothing. Probes and Mars rovers that have already been there have gathered many interesting and useful information that astronauts cannot do. Not less, in terms of human endurance and psychology, mission can be a new precedent in space exploration. For 17 months spouses will experience something incredible, because they will all this time is in space no larger than the bathroom room. This project is estimated to cost 1.5-2 billion dollars. Tito, a former NASA scientist who made a fortune on financial investments, wants to attract to mission sponsorship other billionaires interested in space travel, among which the head of the private space company SpaceX Elon Musk. Will be the opportunity to participate in the launch of the mission among ordinary people, who transferred money to the account of an ambitious project. For this they will receive exclusive access to on-board cameras or privilege talk to the crew. Anu Oja, Director of British National Space Academy in Leicester, said the global community excited about the idea of ​​flying to Mars. “It could be the biggest a space adventure since the Apollo program, says Oja.

A photo from open sources

Mission Inspiration Mars plans to use for flight SpaceX production spacecraft a little over 4 meters long and 3.5 meters wide. Consider expanding space for greater comfort astronauts using so called the “inflatable” module of Bigelow. But even then living conditions will be more than Spartan. Besides psychological problems associated with space limitations and not only, there is one more. Although in 2018 the sun will pass quiet phase of its 11 year cycle, one hundred percent responsible for luminosity scientists can not. This means that flashes on The sun poses a great and even mortal danger to astronauts.

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