Florida filmed moving video “stars” across the sky

In the state of Florida filmed on video moving across the skyA photo from open sources

The amazing video below was received 21 April of this year in the American city of Tampa, Florida. Local resident Alberto Torres witnessed a truly incredible paintings, looking at the evening sky and suddenly seeing hundreds bright stars that were not familiar – each in its own on place, and smoothly moved through the dark sky. Of course startled witness did not fail to capture this surreal picture on the smartphone camera.

World Wide Web users were surprised and not puzzled less than Torres when he posted the video on the network. Many commentators write that they were probably not stars at all, but many alien aircraft. Although in in this case it’s not clear where the stars themselves got from the night the sky?

A photo from open sources

According to another theory of the regulars of the Internet, before us the result of a malfunction in a computer simulation in which allegedly humanity lives without realizing it. By the way, matrix theory finds more and more supporters in our world, and many understand that in this case, the simulation may not be necessary computer, which we showed her in the movie “The Matrix”, but a lot more complicated. It may be completely incomprehensible to us for that the simple reason that our reality is only a reflection of more complex measurements, which scientists are already seriously talking about. For example, Michael Rehtsman (professor at the University of Pennsylvania) and a group of physicists under his leadership recently proved fourth measurement using laser systems. Struck Researchers also see that our three-dimensional world is seen at the same time reflection of four-dimensional.

But third users of the World Wide Web are expected to talk about skillful video editing, in a fake video, because to believe in such really hard. However, a lot of things are happening in our lives, that does not fit into the framework of the usual physical laws and logic. Unfortunately, not always such anomalies can be blamed on fake, especially when you see a miracle with your own eyes and directly participating in it. If with you never in my life this did not happen, then you can well join skeptics. And if it happened? ..

A life

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