Flying man of the Far Eastern taiga

The legend of a flying man was once wide distributed among local peoples and Chinese Primorye. It excites the minds of Primorye people today. So who is this flying man of the Far Eastern taiga? Photo from open sources “On the trail I saw a bear’s footprint, very similar to human, – wrote the researcher of Ussuriysky region Arseniev about his campaign on the tributary of Anyui river Gobilly in 1908 – Alpa bristled and grunted, and after that someone swiftly rushed to the side, breaking the bushes. However, the beast did not run away, he stopped close and froze in an expectant pose. So we stood A couple of minutes. Finally I could not stand it and turned with the intention back off. Alpa pressed tightly against my feet. I barely moved as an unknown beast also ran back a few meters and again lurking. In vain I peered into the forest, trying to find out with whom I deal, but the thicket was so impenetrable and the fog is so thick that even trunks of large trees were not visible. Then I bent down, picked up stone and threw it in the direction where the unknown beast stood. In it time happened what I did not expect at all. I heard a clap wings. Some big dark mass floated out of the fog and flew above a river. A moment later, she hid in dense fumes, which were rising higher from the earth. The dog expressed obvious fear and pressed all the time at my feet. In the evening after dinner I told Udeheic people about what he saw in the taiga. They started very lively talk about the fact that a person lives in these places who can fly through the air. Hunters often see his tracks that suddenly suddenly appear on earth and just as suddenly disappear that only possible if the person sits down on top of land and again rises into the air. Udeheiks tried after him watch, but every time he scared people with noise and screams, the same exactly what I heard today. At this time, intervened in the conversation Zhang Bao. He said flying people are also found in China. Them called “Li-czeng-tzu”. They live in the mountains, away from people, do not eat neither bread nor meat, but only eat the Li-cheng-tzau plant, which can only be found on moonlit nights by how it is located drops of dew. Zhang Bao even saw such a man himself. “Li-cheng-tzu – son of lightning and thunder, he falls to the ground as a baby during a thunderstorm. This is a strong, divine person, a defender of the offended, a hero. Visiting them brings good luck in crafts and litigation when resolving contentious issues. According to Zhang Bao, a flying person on The Gobilly River was one of Li-czeng-tzu, a Chinese, and certainly not a Udehei. The Udehei legend about people with wings was borrowed from Chinese in ancient times. Folklore of Golds, Orcs, Udege Primorye is rich in stories of flying people from local forests. For instance, Udege from the Samarga River said that one young Udege somehow behaved strangely, he missed, sometimes cried, slept a lot and moreover, he spoke anxiously at night, argued, sang, complained. Said, that his arms and back hurt. Once during a blizzard, he put on skis and went through the taiga. Fearing that he would not freeze, other people went look for him. They followed the tracks left by his skis. These traces led them to a steep cliff and then disappeared completely: not on the side, not below, nowhere else were there. So the man flew away. With that nowhere was there any hearing or spirit anywhere about him. There was another case. The young man who had just married often began to talk about that he will fly away. The wife noticed that he often felt his hands with back and underside. She persuaded her neighbors: they they got her husband drunk, stripped, and then everyone saw what he had on feathers grow in the hands of a bird. Woman took scissors and cut these feathers. Since then, they no longer grew. All stories local peoples are similar in one thing – in flying people inland on the sides of the arms and under the arms feathers grow, like birds, such people have wing arms. The son of thunder and lightning To understand whom meant Zhang Bao, you need to turn to the ancient Chinese stories. In the classification of Chinese gods of the 16th century, “elevation to rank spirits “there is the spirit of Leizhenzi (Son of thunder and lightning), – heavenly a creature that emerged from a great thunderstorm on Mount Swallows in the 11th century before ad. The ruler of these places is the prince of the kingdom of Zhou (in the central China) Ji Chang after an unusually severe thunderstorm discovered on top mountains in the mystical crypt of a newborn baby. He right there declared him his third son. Who was here Advisor, immortal resident of the Yunzhongli clouds from the cave with the Yashmovs columns on top of the Mountains of the southern edge asked to take the child to hands and turned to Ji with a request: “Prince. Let me take it on A mountain of the southern edge to grow and train. When in seven years you come there, I will return it to you. “The prince allowed, and Yunzhongli immediately with a child in her arms, I pierced the clouds and disappeared into the sky. On the mountain of the southern edge, he began training Leizhenzi, instructing him on the “Taoist path of salvation of the dynasty.” Seven years later, Yunzhongli, circling a mountain on a cloud, noticed Prince Zhou, pursued by a general Yin and Lei from the kingdom of Wei. At that time, China was the territory of the five warring kingdoms, and Prince Ji Chan was defeated principality of Wei and fled from the capital. The time has come Leizhenzi save the dynasty. Yunzhongli said Leizhenzi to take weapons, which is on the edge of the abyss. Leizhenzi weapons on the edge do not found, but found two large apricots, which he immediately ate. His wings instantly grew on his back, and his face became “like that of monster. “Returning to the teacher, he received a golden rod and instructions on how to help father. First he figured out generals Lei and Yin from the kingdom of Wei, using a golden rod letting stone sel on them. Then, placing his father on his back, he carried it through all five passes back. Returning his father, he said: “My father, you are now safe. Now I have to say goodbye and return to the Mountain of the southern edge. Please take care yourself. I will see you again someday. “After this Son of thunder and lightning was seen more than once in China in those places where it was required fair help. We saw him in Primorye and in our time. In 1970 d. one hunter went to the taiga with his dog Palma. IN at one point he heard strange female screams. It looked like they were screaming very far. The dog was alert. Then the screams began to approach and the hunter even thought that he had heard his name. Horror shod him instantly. The palm tree, huddling at his feet, suddenly whined plaintively and rushed away from the owner in a terrible fright. Averyanov himself ran to the other side, as it seemed to him, home to the village. But screams getting closer. Looking around, he could not resist and fell near fallen tree. At that moment a black shadow covered him: above him a terrible monster swept with noise. He managed to consider webbed wings and covered with brown hair, but with bald knees, human legs. And felt incomparable disgusting smell, from which the head went round. It wanted to seize the hunter, and only the fall of the latter saved him from captivity. He returned home turning gray. The dog came only two days later … One more example. Inessa Grigoryeva came to Anisimovka to rest in late January 1997. While walking with the dog along the outskirts of the village, she noticed a large bird flying in her direction. I took a closer look trying to determine what it is, and was dumbfounded. “I saw two hanging down down human-like legs. Creature declined did circle and then flew away. The wings were motionless, the creature moved silently, he clearly had a human face, in any case, big eyes and mouth I could see. “The flying man did not cause harm Inessa. The dog rushed to the house and crawled under the car, where crawled out not soon. But it’s possible that these modern meetings are not that other than meeting with the giant birds of Primorye. And what are they sometimes take sizes, you can see in the photo of the border guards, made in the Khasan district.

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