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Indian “flyers” The first reports of human soaring in airborne (levitation) came from India. Returning from a trip to this wonderland, the first Europeans enthusiastically described the observed they are cases of human soaring in the air. Photo from open sources

The listeners had the feeling that everything was flying in India in a row. In fact, the number of Levitants in India was very small. Who were are these “flying people”? Each of them has come a long long way spiritual self-improvement. These were already people of our world, operating in conversations with philosophical concepts behind the limits of our consciousness. They levitated in a trance state, preparation for which took up to several days. Dawned on us a practical guide on levitation compiled by them, but to only understand what is written, you will need to devote himself to the study of Indian philosophy for several years. The very same levitation is available only to individual initiates who have learned manage psychic energy. Not only Indians flew Photo from open sources

The most famous Levitants in Europe are considered Carmelite nun Sister Teresa (mid-16th century) and Italian Joseph Desa (1603-1663). Sister Teresa left notes in which described the feeling of recovery that accompanied each flight. Teresa did not know how to control her gift, it always happened spontaneously, often right in the church during a service in the presence of numerous witnesses. Teresa constantly prayed that the Lord delivered her from an unusual gift, and, in the end, the prayers were heard. Joseph Desa was also a monk. Levitated during prayers and so often that he traveled through monasteries to a miracle saw as many people as possible. (Therefore, the number the evidence left goes beyond all reasonable limits.) An unusual monk was called to Rome, where he soared during prayer in the presence of Pope Urban VIII. Other Levitants Regarding our compatriots, that is, evidence of levitation Archbishop of Novgorod and Pskov John, Seraphim of Sarov and St. Basil, repeatedly before the eyes of the crowd flew over across the Moscow River. In total, in the church records more than 300 described cases of levitation, both ministers of the church and parishioners. All of them were sincere and deeply religious and levitated in moments the highest emotional lift – during prayer. It’s superfluous once confirms that the solution to the phenomenon of levitation lies in the spiritual sphere. Дэниел Данглас Хьюм Photo from open sources

In the XIX century, Daniel Danglas Hume toured Europe and the USA – a medium-spiritualist and clairvoyant who also possessed telekinesis and levitation. He demonstrated his abilities in the presence of a huge number of people spoke to the reigning persons (Napoleon III, Kaiser Wilhelm I, Alexander II). Never He objected to the presence of independent observers at the sessions. Moreover, often he himself invited to demonstrations as experts of world-famous scientists and have never been caught in fraud. Hume was a very religious person, he always said that he is just an instrument of God, he spent many sessions for free or for charitable purposes. Photo from open sources

The final touch In 1957, the Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yoga formulated the foundations of the theory of transcendental he created meditation, which subsequently grew into a whole movement. According to him theory a person who has mastered the technique of transcendental meditation, will be able to fly only with her psychic energy.

Фото изopen sources in July 1986 in Washington followers Maharishi held the first competition among flying yogis. The competitions became annual. At the sixth competition in The Hague in 1993 the year the winner of Subha Chandra managed to rise 90 cm above the ground, lingered in the air for 3 minutes and flew over that time horizontal 187 cm.

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