Flying Russian girl: who is she?

Flying Russian girl: who is she?Photos from open sources of

To the video with a flying girl shot somewhere in Russia back in 2009, odd as it may seem, is still riveted the attention of mainly foreign paranormal researchers phenomena. And only now the Russians decided to fill this material with domestic resource in the native language.

True, the location was unknown, as well as much more, for example, why Eugene with his smart dog Tarzan, bumping into a mother in the woods with her daughter, who were clearly engaged levitation, remained indifferent to this unique video material: for some reason he gets into the English-language segment of the Internet, and not in Russian…

It seems to the Russians that it’s not interesting for them to have children fly through the air. However, this can be seen in relation to UFO: note that Russians rarely take off “flying plates “, although professional ufologists argue that interest with side of aliens to the Russian Federation is no less than to USA. Apparently, it is very difficult to surprise a Russian person with something. Well, UFOs fly – and what’s wrong with that?

In this case, a flying girl. I wonder, of course, why on the video, Eugene exclaims in amazement – what was that? However, the attitude remained the same – the girl flies, well, beautifully, to some extent funny, but … nothing more.

But English-speaking users praised this material, he practically disassembled into many videos, collecting millions views and lots of comments. Mostly people agree that this is levitation, most likely mom teaches daughter to use it free from nature. For such training, they chose quite a deserted place in the forest: who knew what Eugene would bring with his dog? ..

Of course, there are other opinions, even to the purely ironic and skeptical that this video is supposedly mounted, however video professionals have long proven its authenticity. The main mystery remains something else – where is it filmed, who is this girl, which has now grown. Has she lost her gift over the years levitation or still flies, for example, at night so that no one saw and couldn’t make a video? And it’s also considered a sorceress (and burned at the stake) …

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