Fog steals people

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According to the observations of ufologists, anomalous fogs, or fog-like objects with UFO properties can occur as in the surface of the earth or water, and in the atmosphere. Often these peculiar UFOs hunt for ships, planes, cars, but mostly people. It seems that such foggy formations are specially created by someone for abductions of earthlings … Even at the dawn of aviation in the press appeared reports of celestial encounters of planes with something similar, outwardly almost indistinguishable from the clouds. When falling into such clouds aerial vehicles their instruments failed, pilots lost orientation, disasters occurred with aircraft, and sometimes they simply disappeared without a trace. One such incident It was noted in the USA in 1942. L-8 airship driven by D. Cody and C. Adams, rose from a base in San Francisco to patrol the coast. The maneuvers of the aircraft were watched by many people with boats and ships standing in the roadstead. Everyone saw the airship flew into one single cloud floating across the blue sky. It was then, as it turned out later, that balloonists broke off communication. And then something very strange happened: the airship from this the cloud never came out! A few hours later they found him. lying on the coast. Parachutes were in their places, walkie-talkie It worked properly, the ignition was normal, but both patrolmen completely disappeared. It remains unknown how the airship could get to the beach unnoticed. A similar episode occurred in 1930. with a small plane flying out of a texas city Corpus Christi. “In an almost cloudless sky,” eyewitness F. reported. Dirks, – hung only a small dark compact cloud of rounded the form, which looked, however, is somewhat unusual. The plane flew into him and … exploded. “The remains of the plane fell five miles from the spot the explosion. The investigation did not establish the causes of the disaster, but most importantly, the rescuers did not find the bodies of the pilots. In 1961, near Sverdlovsk in a similar way exploded mail flying into the cloud An-2 aircraft with seven passengers on board. As in texas case, search engines found only debris. Crew members disappeared without a trace. The cloud became the cause of the disappearance of one of American aircraft in the fighter plane during the Korean 1952 war. Machine driven by commander of regiment D. Baldwin, in front of the crews of other aircraft plunged into a dark gray cloud and remained in it. No one else saw her. THE CASE OF A PILOT Most often, the press and human rumor connect similar events with the Bermuda Triangle, although, as it turns out that they are characteristic of other regions of the globe. The case with the famous American pilot Charles Lindbergh. February 13, 1928 he with research target flew on his plane from Havana to The Bahamas. Flying over the Strait of Florida, Lindbergh with surprised to find that the arrows of navigational instruments became rotate randomly. Then, right at the rate, some kind of haze. She quickly approached, becoming denser. Lindbergh sent the plane up, trying not to get into the strange zone fog. But he … rushed after him, overtook him and began envelop the plane. The pilot still managed to break away from an incomprehensible phenomenon, increasing speed. Then, having oriented the sun, the coastlines and the map, he found himself flying in the opposite direction. Some unknown force changed him heading and turned almost 300 miles to the side. Lindbergh yet lucky. Others had much worse. The secret is still not revealed. missing in the same area of ​​the link of five torpedo bombers, flying out from December 5, 1945 naval base at Fort Lauderdale, Florida for training the task. Not a single plane returned to the base. Dispatchers succeeded briefly contact the flight commander, but his answers were chaotic and incomprehensible. Shortly after the disappearance of the bombers Mariner aircraft disappeared with 13 crew members sent to search for torpedo bombers. SILENT DIABLE With abnormal ships collide with fogs, as it was, for example, in the area all the same Bermuda Triangle in 1966. A certain businessman ferried a barge from Puerto Rico in tow Florida Halfway there was something unnatural and unpleasant: the compass needle began to spin like mad, and then the tug cars refused. Some mysterious power has affected other devices, including control equipment. But especially scared people fog, thickened unusually fast – he absorbed the barge and began to approach the tugboat with lightning speed. It seemed quite strange, because the sky was cloudless and the bright sun shone. When the fog began to draw in the barge, and with it the tugboat, people were seized with real horror. But the confused captain ordered cut the tow rope faster. When the barge unhooks, foggy the cloud dispersed almost immediately, the motors and all the tug devices earned fine, but … the barge was no longer there. Maybe in did it sink to the fog? And the sailors who already decided that it was their last hour, breathed a sigh of relief. It is clear that this no one would have believed history if the entire tug crew hadn’t affirmed her under oath. It is possible that it is abnormal fogs are guilty of the disappearance of ships, which at the time of death for some reason do not give a distress signal. This is the last circumstance. It seems to experts especially strange. Identify the cause such traceless disappearance still fails – despite the fact that almost the entire surface of the planet is viewed from orbit tracking satellites. Understand what exactly happens to the ship in the moment when it “disappears”, most often the cloud or foggy haze that purposely appears in place incidents. Ufologists explain such episodes by the meeting of ships with UFO or abnormal fog like the one that I encountered Lindbergh. Failure of walkie-talkies and other devices – a typical picture at these meetings. HUNTING PEOPLE It has long been noticed that aliens, although they host our planet as at home, no less try to hide their activities from humanity. FROM they carry out abductions with extreme caution. Foggy objects, according to some experts, are used aliens specifically to disguise this “hunt for people.” Yes and it happens most often in places where the “hunters” have less chances to catch the eye of witnesses. It is usually marine and airy spaces or the deaf sparsely populated corners of land. In the air and abnormal mists at sea can arise and move quite quickly. Having absorbed people, they immediately leave with their prey. On the on the dry side, “clouds” often prefer to ambush, hiding in secluded places and waiting for the victim (person) to fall into spaced “network”. Something similar happens, for example, on famous for its mists the uninhabited island of Envaitenet on the lake Rudolph in Kenya. In 1935, two English landed on it. topographer. A few days later their colleagues worried lack of radio communication with the “islanders”, went to Envitenet, but no one was found there. It later turned out that on the island repeatedly disappeared by natives, and even its name Translated from the language of the tribe Elmolo means “irrevocable.” At Ufologists already considered a textbook case of 1915, when the whole time of hostilities in Turkey mysteriously disappeared a battalion of English soldiers of 266 people. Dozens witnesses saw him marching along the road, running through a hill. A foggy peak enveloped her haze. The soldiers, without slowing down, entered it, but did not exit from there: a “cloud” with people suddenly took off from the earth and rushed upward, acquiring an ellipsoidal shape on the go. From the battalion did not even have a button. A similar case took place in 1937 with three thousand Chinese soldiers defending against the Japanese Nanjing city. At night, Chinese trenches at the bottom of the gorge were shrouded in fog. A the next morning they were found empty, without any signs of people. Hide the soldiers had nowhere, they would not have gone out of the gorge unnoticed. Nanjing defenders wanted, but naturally no one found. Of course, the above examples and dozens of others such could be explained not only by the presence of aliens. But the facts gathered over decades force us, alas, consider these stories precisely as the work of sinister mysterious creatures visiting our planet (or constantly residing on her). They are clearly interested in us and, hiding their true goals, fool us, erase from our memory the memories of contacts, use various means of disguise, including such as, for example, these “devouring” mists.

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