For many years the venerable Lee

What would you say, dear reader, if you were offered to meet a man who has lived … 256 years? Probably soft saying, they would have expressed their distrust of the one who proposed it to you. A that’s in vain! It turns out that on our planet from time to time overlongers are found.

Secret recipe for a drink of youth

Photo from open sources Sichuan Province. Lived here Chinese patriarch

Chinese martial artist Li Qingyun was born in 1677. In other words, he was five years younger than the Russian emperor Peter the Great. “Well, what is so surprising here?” – you ask. Only one thing: Lee died in 1933, having lived a little more than two with half a century. He lived in the mountains of Sichuan and studied in mainly special gymnastics and the collection of medicinal herbs. Of Li was cooking them with a decoction whose cooking method he kept in the strictest secret. About where the recipe came from Lee himself, history is silent. Anyway, when the master turned 250 years old, he looked no older than a 60-year-old man. In every case, provincial governor General Yang Sen thought so when Lee Qingyun, invited by him as a military adviser and teacher martial arts demonstrated several tricks using which laid on the ground several young soldiers. What then happened between the general and the master, it is unknown only the last for some reason rejected a flattering offer and returned to his native land. A six years later he moved to another world.

Li Qingyun has not shared the secret of his longevity with anyonePhoto from Li Qingyun has not shared his secret with anyone longevity

Calm and good sleep

Sad news was reported to Yang Sen, and he ordered close collect all possible information about life and present age venerable Lee. At that time, out of his 200 descendants and 24 wives (23 of which the old man survived) few survived. However close general managed to talk with his last wife Qingyun and several of his great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren.

As a result, they did not learn so much. Descendants and the widow told that their wonderful relative was really born in 1677 (in any case, it is considered so in the family) and died in 1933 m. One and all said that “Lee has always been old.” And when loved ones began to ask how they would live so long life, the master used to say: “Keep your heart quieter, sit as tortoise, go wide awake, like a dove, and sleep as if dog”.

Apparently, the secret of a long life is encrypted in these words, but to solve it is quite difficult. Maybe Lee wanted to say that important for health and longevity are internal harmony, peace and deep sleep. Who knows?

Is it age?

For 256 years, he looked good.Photos from open sources For 256 years he looked good

Modern gerontologists believe that the story of Li Qingyun is rather total, is a myth. Perhaps in his family for generations there were several people with the same name, whom oral folk art turned into one incredibly long living person. Maybe each of these people lived very long, and the descendants, wanting to become famous, laid down the years of their life ancestors. Everything is possible. But now, according to the Bible, Adam lived 930 years old, his son Seth – 912, grandson Enos – 905. Other patriarchs too differed in longevity: Cainan lived 910 years, Maleleil – 895, Jared – 962, and Methuselah, a veteran of all the centenarians on Earth, lived 969 years! Against the backdrop of such achievements, 256 years of Chinese Li Qingyun do not seem so venerable age.


Life time

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