For what reason do abandoned at home?

For what reason do abandoned houses appear?Photo from open sources

In our world, the sophisticated reader will say, a lot even abandoned cities, islands, and then think about it – they left the house! But the fact is that abandoned cities and islands arise due to activities of people themselves who violate, say, environmental equilibrium, allow man-made disasters (accidents at nuclear power plants), as it was in Ukraine and Japan and so on.

And why does life suddenly disappear in a house that stands in the bosom nature, where, it seems, all the necessary conditions for harmonious existence? Of course, we can assume that people civilization wanted, tired of loneliness, it became difficult to live here because of senile age. But it’s not always the case…

The video below shows a common case abandoned house, when its owners seem to instantly evaporate, since the furniture is not touched, the windows are not clogged, as it should be in in case of a long departure, even the cars remained near the house …

A photo from open sources

Sometimes tourists come across abandoned houses where, how it is said that the oven is also warm, and the dinner on the table did not cool completely. As if people came to dinner, sat down, prayed and … disappeared.

Such abandoned lonely houses are not so rare however completely unexplored. Yes, and how can you learn what is not lends itself to no logical explanation and comprehension? Yes and what all this matters against the background of statistics of disappearance people, of which there are hundreds of thousands of people per year throughout the planet? ..

But when you look at such an abandoned house, it takes horror, especially if you have enough imagination to somehow imagine the tragedy, played out here, enough heart warmth to feel that what did these people face when they found themselves face to face with the mysterious mystical power …

And it never crossed your mind to settle in such a mysterious house? ..

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