Foreign journalists suspected that Lenin “came to life” in the Mausoleum

Foreign journalists suspected that LeninA photo from open sources

Foreign media unexpectedly attracted the news that last Friday, October 19, in the Lenin Mausoleum an ambulance brigade urgently left on Red Square.

The picture below, in which two doctors come in from equipment to the tomb of the legendary communist leader, quickly became viral and instantly scattered around the World the web.

A photo from open sources

At first, ordinary, it would seem, photography was discussed by simple netizens, and on foreign sites it ended up where more popular than domestic. Many regulars in English virtual space seriously considered that medical care it was required not anyhow to anyone, but to Vladimir Ilyich himself, who came to life in the walls of the Mausoleum. Then this strange assumption was picked up and reporters.

Even the official statement by Moscow doctors that in fact, doctors arrived to help one of the members excursion group, which suddenly felt bad in the Mausoleum, not dissuaded foreign media that the leader of the October Revolution could suddenly return to the world of the living.

No wonder they say that Lenin is desperate for his body was buried in the ground, and the restless spirit of the Kremlin the dreamer, figuratively speaking, vomits and mosques in his tomb. Besides Moreover, it is believed that Vladimir Ilyich could very well come to life if Russia great misfortunes will begin to shake.

A photo from open sources

Be that as it may, these are just guesses. And here are a few years ago the Internet was shocked by a very real mysterious video (see below) obtained in the dark at one of the cameras observations in the Mausoleum. The striking video was clearly you can see how the mummy of the famous politician raised a hand on his bed and, it seemed, unsuccessfully tried to rise from him. Many installation experts, having studied such unusual shots then, confirmed their authenticity.

It turns out that not everything is so simple with the body of the leader of the proletariat, and mystical events in his tomb – a phenomenon not the most rare …

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