Forest fires bordering on mysticism

Forest fires bordering on mysticismPhotos from open sources of

Forest fires are a terrible disaster, from which it is very difficult to be saved. Anyone who has ever come into contact with this horror will surely felt something alive and frankly sinister in a violent, swift fiery monster. However, there are, it turns out, purely mystical fires of this kind.

Mystical Fire – South Hawkins Mountain

Scary stories still tell of a forest fire, what happened in 2002 on Mount South Hawkins (mountain range San Gabriel in California).

Suddenly erupted on September 1, the fire started quickly spread along the slopes, destroying lush vegetation. is he got to the canyon, recreation area, even damaged passing here highway.

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The place where the fire started was, according to the assumptions, the old a wooden fire tower (such an irony of fate) built on mountain peak in 1935 and completely burnt. Soon arose rumors that adherents of some dark one deliberately set fire cult. They allegedly performed a ritual on the old tower, for which many animals were killed. These sacrifices awakened a great evil that caused a formidable fire in the South Hawkins.

All this could be attributed to a rich human imagination, if not for the numerous eyewitness accounts. When fiery the elements swept the mountain, tourists and locals heard heartbreaking screams coming from the flame. And it wasn’t screams of pain, people heard something completely special. And then in in the blazing forest appeared dark wandering silhouettes of animals – foxes, rabbits, cats, birds …

Peering into these silhouettes, people were numb with horror. All animals seemed ethereal, moved like a zombie, with an uneven gait, the fur burned down on them, charred black eyes gaped instead eye sockets.

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Some of the tourists said that these creepy creatures tried even pursue people, however, it is not clear for what purpose. When there were a lot of similar messages, rumors spread that in fact in fact, these are the spirits of animals ruined by adherents of the dark cult: their bodies were supposedly awakened by some powerful evil. Some even claimed to see similar human beings on fire. silhouettes.

Is this story another legend or awesome the truth is unknown.

Mystical Fire – Mount Pilot Peak

Ludwig who observed him told of this strange fire. Wittgenstein, which in the summer of 1976. worked in the american forest service near the Salmon River (Idaho).

Most of the time the man spent on the top of Mount Pilot The peak located in the territory of Payette National Forest, in observation tower. This is a very remote area, reachable by it was possible only by helicopter.

Once Ludwig spent the night at his “combat post” and woke up in two in the morning. After that, he could not fall asleep again and in at one point I looked out the window: near the crest of the mountain, approximately six miles from the tower, an orange glow glowed brightly.

Stunned by what he saw, Ludwig jumped up from his bunk, dressed trousers, a coat, shod boots and pulled a flashlight from a drawer. He is constantly threw anxious glances out the window: it seems that the top flared up serious fire. Taking the binoculars, the man went to the ledge of the tower. is he well made out the flame and two huge trees that were completely embraced by fire.

Back inside, Wittgenstein wrote a report of what he saw, and then broadcast the coordinates to the nearest fire station places of ignition. Ludwig knew that firefighters could only arrive at dawn, and continued to observe the elements. However, he remained on radio communications with others, the same as himself, viewing, upstream, and told them what he saw.

Soon, Ludwig noticed that the fire seemed to go out, and again contacting firefighters, informed them of this. And suddenly – it was forty minutes after he first saw the flame – all suddenly disappeared. The fire disappeared, as if it were not there at all. However, a strong fire that engulfed one or two acres of forest could not fade out quickly on your own!

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Special helicopters that arrived in the morning, no signs of fire discovered: there were no burned trees, no smoke. During for several days they circled over Pilot Peak, but still to no avail.

The only person who personally saw a forest fire was Ludwig Wittgenstein He assured the absolute reality of the elements and swore that it was not a dream or a hallucination. One time, really the man was ready to allow an attack of sleepwalking, but then still returned to the fact that he did not sleep, was awake and saw his fire eyes.


Surprisingly, both fires bordering on mysticism arose on mountain peaks, however, one became real, but with ghosts, and the other himself “stopped” in the ghostly flame that he could see only Ludwig Wittgenstein …

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