Forests of Smolensk region surprised researchers mysterious characters

Forests of Smolensk region surprised researchers with mysterious symbolsA photo from open sources

Images taken from satellites, for example, using Google Earth Online, allow Earth explorers to discover what’s on the very surface of the planet is simply not visible, for example, were geoglyphs found under the sands in the desert of Egypt.

And recently, near the village of Bliznaki, Smolensk region, researchers found in satellite images a giant arrow, “drawn” in the forest and directed towards the regional center. Arrow clearly visible from above (aerial view), since on its the place does not grow trees. And if on the surface it’s normal forest edge, “bald spot” in the forest, on which no one pays attention, then from above it is clearly visible well “traced” and quite understandable symbol. But another thing is not clear: who and why did it here? And most importantly, how?

The coordinates of this huge arrow on Google Earth are latitude: 54 ° 53’49.49 “C, longitude: 31 ° 58’32.99” B, so everyone who it is interested, may himself admire the mysterious symbol Smolensk region. By the way, Bliznaki is a small village with a population of only 29 inhabitants, mainly consisting of pensioners. None of them have a clue about some kind of forest “arrow”, but old-timers are sure that the “bald spot” in the forest, which resembles this symbol, has always existed here.

However, as it turned out, in the forests of the Smolensk region this is not the only mysterious sign, unknown by whom and for whom made. Soon, Google Earth imagery researchers discovered near the village of Khokhlovo an even more mysterious symbol (see photo below) – in the form of a “kite”. Its coordinates are latitude: 54 ° 41’18.83 “C, longitude: 31 ° 51’1.93” V. And again: the village ones themselves residents don’t know, don’t know what’s near at hand such miracles are happening …

A photo from open sources


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