Forty years without a smile

Forty years without a smilePhoto from open sources

No, fifty year old british tess christian doesn’t get sick any a strange disease that keeps her from smiling, she’s just has put upon herself such a penance since she was ten years old, and strictly fulfills the vow “a whole life without a smile” for four decades now. Dismounts – what for?

And the casket just opens: so the woman decided to save young (without the slightest wrinkle) his face for many years. And she is succeeded, although Tess Christian is not without a sense of humor, and therefore she often had to restrain the manifestations of emotions on his face. She did not smile even during the wedding (in spite of everything persuading photographers) and at the time of the birth of his daughter.

But I still don’t have any wrinkles on my face, with pride says tess and this natural natural skin rejuvenation method much more effective than modern Botox and other procedures.

Note that the Briton is not alone in such a strange penance, to For example, the famous TV star Kim Kardashian once admitted paparazzi, who also tries not to smile: from this on her face wrinkles are born that, alas, do not add beauty and youth. This method of combating premature aging is supported and some dermatologists, say Dr. Nick Lowe.

But supporters of “natural Botox” have opponents, for example, British psychologist Amanda Hills believes that a smile on the face is not just some kind of mask that can only cause wrinkles. Smiling man produces hormones of happiness – endorphins that make our life more sunny, full and happy.

This opinion is shared by the famous Russian “wizard”, Head of the Institute for Human Self-Healing Mirzakarim Norbekov, who claims that with a smile you can defeat any disease and restore lost health and youth. Necessary just right and, most importantly, constantly smile …

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