Found 8-year-old Mowgli brought up girl monkeys

Found 8-year-old Mowgli girl raised by monkeysA photo from open sources

Indian law enforcement officers found in the Katarniaghat reserve wild 8-year-old child, who probably lived his whole life in wildlife and was raised by monkeys.

Uttar Pradesh police patrolled the local forest and quite by chance came across a dirty and shaggy girl, which behaved like an animal. A startling find was made two months ago, however, Indian officials are only now told reporters about it.

Police inspector Suresh Yadav tells that he and his colleagues saw in the forest a flock of monkeys in which there was a naked child. The girl freely felt among wild primates and moved like them on all fours. Men approached the pack and spoke to a stranger, finding out that the baby does not understand human language and expresses himself with cries like monkeys. When the cops caught the savage, the monkeys around began scream, and some even tried to stop people from forcibly girl from the forest. Militiamen placed the child in the car and taken to the nearest hospital.

All this time, doctors tried to teach the Mowgli girl to walk on two legs, speak primitively and use cutlery, however, the savage is still difficult to learn. When people appear she gets scared and tries to hide, and if someone comes up to her close, often screaming and expressing aggression. However, doctors concluded that being among people is gradually starting favorably affect the patient. She doesn’t mind wearing clothes, taking food that you can eat with your hands from nurses, and increasingly gets to his feet, although so far he is not talking.

Doctors found on the baby’s body a lot of bruises, abrasions and wounds – apparently, a modern person, even raised by animals, not suitable for a full life in the wild. Specialists report that sooner or later a Mowgli girl would die from infection or was eaten by predators. Now she is almost healthy, scored normal weight and has every chance of returning to civilization. By police officers keep trying to find out by whom are the parents of this amazing child and how long is the girl lived in a reserve among monkeys.

Life time

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