Found a man whose hair grows faster all

Found a man whose hair grows faster than anyone elseA photo from open sources

Little boy from the United Kingdom recognized the person with the fastest growing hair in the world. For the first six months after birth, parents had to cut it three times, while ordinary babies due to lack of the first years of hair do not lead to the hairdresser at all.

Three-year-old Fergus Hillman, who was in the Guinness Book of Records, born with thick dark hair. Already in three months, father and mother the kid had to cut it. According to mother, this condition is hereditary – all children in her family are born with hair. However, Fergus’s hair grows with incredible speed even by the standards of this family. The mother of the baby adds that with thick curls She was born, her sister and father. At a young age, this is especially striking when all the little ones in the sandbox on their heads only a light fluff and only one has a real “adult” hair.

A photo from open sources

Experts estimate that the young Briton’s hair grows in six times faster than his peers. Assuming that a grown man cuts his hair about once every three months, then Fergus, you will probably have to do this once every two weeks in the future.

According to the mother of Fergus, her son really loves when with his hair carry out various manipulations and when they are sheared. Baby like to comb and go to the hairdresser. Boy’s parents they joke that their offspring will be able to have a good future extra income by growing your hair and selling it.

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