Found a new continent of our planet -Zealand

According to the hypothesis that geologists have recently put forward
international group of researchers on our planet except
traditional seven continents – Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South
South America, Australia and Antarctica, there is the eighth continent
— Zealand.

This mainland supposedly unites the islands of New Zealand and New
Caledonia, and he himself – is under the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Chain
the above islands is supposedly only the tops of the once
lowered continent, an area of ​​about 5
million square kilometers. For comparison, this is more than
square of india.

According to scientists, the hypothetical mainland of Zeeland sank under
waters of the pacific ocean about 23 million years ago as well
he broke away from Australia, becoming an independent continent, not
later 85 million years ago. It is possible that at the same time
there was also a breakaway from Antarctica.

Today, the chain of islands of New Zealand and New Caledonia
accounts for only 7 percent of the area of ​​this continent, the rest
part of it is flooded, but it is perfectly visible from
satellites …

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