Four crop pictures appeared in the world for Lately

Four crop pictures have appeared in the world in recent times.A photo from open sources

Four crop pictures have appeared recently on our the planet. Three of them mysteriously formed in England and one in Switzerland. Famous ufologists report that in the world the occurrence of “alien” circles on the fields became more frequent, and in this there probably is some kind of hidden meaning.

The second amazing find was made on June 3 in the territory of South West England. This is again a classic circle, however, this time there were fewer rings inside the circle. It is noteworthy that on the night the image appeared, farmers saw over with his field, incomprehensible pinkish lights scurrying through the air.

A photo from open sources

The third circle, the occurrence of which amazed eyewitnesses reported to authorities and media on June 4, appeared in Dorset. Given the image turned out to be much more complex and artful. It shows a seven-pointed star inscribed in a circle with fancy ornament. The tops of the stars are also crowned with circles.

A photo from open sources

Finally, the last masterpiece of the alleged representatives extraterrestrial civilization unexpectedly discovered on June 5 in Swiss the city of Uster. Before us is a large circle with an image of incomprehensible a symbol remotely resembling a horned head. Circumference concerns curved line with two rings at the ends.

A photo from open sources

Recall that marginal drawings are one of the most the amazing wonders of today. Orthodox scholars and materialists dismiss them, claiming that this is the work of hands mystifiers. However, not a single skeptic has yet been able to explain how you can seamlessly create such an image in just one night.

Ufologists are sure that this art is the work of aliens. That’s just not clear yet, why do they need it? Not so long ago we talked about crop circle theory on our website Russian parapsychologist and psychic Sergei Nikolaevich Lazarev, who believes that such “news” is sent to us by residents parallel higher worlds that harmonize in this way humanity trying to help him. So see how it all It’s almost impossible to take pictures, unless separate flashes, lights, because all this is pure energy, not some kind of mechanical action …


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