Four-legged husband and tree wife

Four-legged husband and wife-treeA photo from open sources

Now you will not surprise anyone with gay marriage. But few knows that in our time there are even stranger marriage unions. Here are some examples of them.

After parting with her beloved, Indian Barbaralla Buchner plunged into deep depression and decided not to meet with men anymore. A lonely woman took two cats to her home, and soon decided to bind yourself with the “sacred” bonds of marriage with your favorite animals. In this she was helped by a special site that sent her a certificate, certifying that she is married to her cats.

Oddly enough, but Barbarella is not one of a kind. 41-year-old millionaire Sharon Tendler met her beloved in Israel, on vacation in Eilat. The woman claims that it was love at first sight, but she fell in love with no one else, like … a dolphin named Sidney. Sharon did not officially decide for a long time to admit her love, she visited her pet several times a year, but, in in the end, decided to get engaged to him.

Another interesting story is related to the Canadian Henri Larouge, living in Beaver Dam. Once, near my friend’s house, the man saw a beautiful maple tree, and could not take away from his eyes … Today Enre calls his “tree spouse” Clarissa and really regrets that his beloved cannot take with him maple on a honeymoon.

What prompts people to enter into such strange marriages? Is it possible to consider such unions as deviations in the psyche? Or are we just scared what we don’t understand yet?

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