Four-year-old Russian woman speaks a lot of languages

Four-year-old Russian woman speaks many languagesPhoto from open sources

On the popular Russian show “Amazing People” took place performance of four-year-old resident of Moscow Bella Devyatkina.

The girl showed astounded by the jury, the audience and invited guests free knowledge of French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and English. Add native Russian here, and you’ll understand that the baby knows seven languages!

During his speech, the small polyglot confidently spoke with native speakers of foreign languages. She answered them questions, read a poem in French and sang in Spanish Having perfectly completed all the tasks, the young Russian woman received well-deserved small gift and thunderous applause from the audience. But the main goal of the girl is to win in the transfer and receipt one million rubles.

A photo from open sources

Educators fear Bella is too small to test similar mental stress. Like, at her age you need more play with peers on the street. Some experts suggest that parents make their daughter sweat so that perfectly know foreign languages.

The mother of the polyglot, in response to this, claims that no one which does not force. Bella, she says, is real a child prodigy-polyglot and instantly learns foreign languages, just listening to the tales on them. Baby does it on her own desire and receives great pleasure from such a process. Many researchers of such phenomena have already attributed Bella Devyatkin to children indigo, because, as esotericists say, to replace the modern the fifth race is the sixth, whose representatives will be endowed abilities that seem fantastic to us.

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