Freedivers do not follow the laws of physics, however scientists ignore this fact

Freedivers do not follow the laws of physics, but scientists ignore this fact.A photo from open sources

Freediving is scuba diving, that is, the diver just holds his breath, you could even say as if disconnects it. Freedivers are able to dive incredibly great depth and this without any breathing apparatus and pressure control systems.

The champions in this business can hold their breath for up to 11 minutes! In other words, such people violate many laws of physics and scientific an idea of ​​a person and his capabilities, however, in no for some reason this does not spill over. Scientists just ignore this the amazing ability of the human body, as if no there are no free divers in the world.

According to independent researchers, freedivers commit unthinkable

Freediving, of course, is the oldest way to scuba diving. swimming. Nowadays, when the first athletes appeared, keen on this occupation, physiologists were convinced that the person not able to dive to a depth of more than 30-40 meters. It’s simple contrary to any laws of physics. Scientists have posted all the facts about the human body and the effect of water pressure on it, stating that 40 meters is the maximum depth available to us. If anyone will try to dive deeper, his lungs will be crushed, and he choke on their own blood.

As you might guess, this did not stop freedivers, and current diving depth record without scuba gear is 214 meters!

A photo from open sources

Italian filmmaker and diver Martina Amati claims that such miracles occur mainly due to human brain. It’s the mindset, according to the woman, is a decisive factor in freediving. The diver forgets about everyone who reads in textbooks of physics and physiology gets rid of any mental limitations and therefore makes the unthinkable. Amati convinced that on the one hand, even the human body is where more perfect and powerful than official science believes on the other hand, the power of thought plays a huge role in any business, when man’s intentions literally transform his body, and surrounding reality.

What happens with the body of a freediver at great depths

Diving to a depth of 10 meters, a diver without a scuba gear begins feel pressure 2 times greater than on the surface. Every the next 10 meters add another atmosphere, and pressure, it would seem that it should become simply unbearable and incompatible with life. However, freedivers do not just die in the abyss oceana, but also describe subsequently amazing sensations from their immersion, as if they were in a completely different reality.

At a considerable depth, a person’s physiology and anatomy as the body adjusts to exist in extreme conditions. All spaces are compressed in the body, containing air, and with this the behavior of gases in the blood changes and the nervous system.

The deeper the diver descends, the less oxygen he needs, because due to pressure, oxygen becomes more powerful. On the at a depth of 13-20 meters, the body ceases to be pushed up and begins to sink like a stone. Freedivers call this process free fall. At this time, a person stops moving and allows forces nature to “pull” itself down.

A photo from open sources

As you dive, the diver feels how his composition is changing blood. Gases under high pressure dissolve in the blood much easier and function much more efficiently. For example, nitrogen starts act on the brain like a drug, and leads to light intoxication, and at great depths – to real euphoria.

When the freediver dives deeper, the last remnants the oxygen in his blood is compressed, and the diver’s body holds on an incomparably lower level of metabolism than the human body at surface. The diver’s body comes into inexplicable balance with environment when it comes to an incredibly delicate balance, requiring incomprehensible physiological perfection.

Academic science refuses to study this phenomenon

In an average of 10 minutes, a professional freediver is capable of dive to a depth of approximately 1/5 kilometer, and float back. And no decompression sickness or fatal effects of oxygen starvation. Your first sip air after immersion, such people often compare with the first inhale the baby after birth.

As for scientists, they completely refuse to investigate this phenomenon. It’s absurd, but biology textbooks still appear, that without appropriate equipment a person cannot dive into depth over 40 meters. Orthodox from science really do not like turn out to be wrong, so apparently they’re just decided to ignore this miracle, like levitation, teleportation and so further, instead of thoroughly studying it, thereby making sure of the amazing properties of human organisms that, unfortunately, are blocked in childhood in each of us with all kinds of restrictive statements. Or maybe it’s just someone needs to – to keep a person in a cage of all kinds restrictions? ..

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