From the shores of Key Largo Island, Florida water

The water has left the coast of Key Largo Island, FloridaPhoto from open sources

The IRMA hurricane has not yet dealt a mortal blow to the state of Florida, but already seriously puzzled the inhabitants of this American region. Element literally amazes scientists and ordinary people with its abnormal, just fantastic behavior.

For example, residents of Key Largo Island were surprised to find that the ocean receded, the water left, leaving the bare bottom on which now You can see (see photo) boats and numerous marine the inhabitants whom this anomaly took by surprise. People are literally shocked and scared, because all this does not bode well for them good …

At the same time, in the southeast of Florida, just the opposite – the ocean in a short time rose by two meters, that is water seems to have shifted here. According to representatives US National Disaster Tracking Center, it happened literally in an hour and a half – the water level for it a short time increased by more than two meters. What will happen next – no one can even guess …

By the way, Hurricane Irma has already approached St. Petersburg, a major a city located in the west of Florida – a state that in now has become a zone of greatest disaster. Already aware of four dead, as a powerful wind literally smashes into pieces buildings and houses, for example, in the area of ​​beaches in Miami, where Russian stars are resting today, among them a fighter mixed martial arts Alexander Oleinik, caught in the frame journalists, helping to sort out rubble and fallen trees.

And although tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from the state, everyone should be taken out It was simply unthinkable and beyond the power of the American rescue services. Therefore, most locals and tourists are in houses and hotels barricaded by gusts of wind. Lifeguards could advise them only one thing: do not shoot a hurricane – this it’s useless, because before that, someone on the Facebook social network, or jokingly, or seriously, urged the Americans to arm themselves well and go on an IRMA with guns.

… And at this time, five formed terrible tornadoes headed towards the nuclear power plant …

Water Island Time

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