From the walls of the “magic” house in Sydney oozing miracle liquid

From the wallsA photo from open sources

Nothing, at first glance, an unremarkable three-bedroom house on the west of Australia’s largest city Sydney earned the nickname “magical”, becoming a cult place among the locals and visitors. Spouses George and Lina Tannusi, to whom this belongs home, claim that unexplained phenomena began here after after their 17-year-old son Mike died in a car accident.

Less than a day after the tragedy, as inconsolable parents noticed that incomprehensible began to ooz out from the walls inside their house oily liquid with an extremely pleasant aroma. First killed with the loss of a child, the couple did not pay attention to this, but with our heroes nevertheless became interested in strange drops and even tried to determine their origin.

A photo from open sources

Tannuses repeatedly called repairmen, but they always They concluded that everything was in order with the house. George and Lina became suggest that the mysterious aromatic liquid is a peculiar manifestation of the spirit of their late son. Confidence in this significantly strengthened when it suddenly became clear that the mysterious oil is able to heal various diseases.

In addition, the “magic” house allows women to become pregnant, who are not able to do this for many medical reasons. A because now dozens of couples come to the dwellings of Australians every day, who collect oil from the walls. It is believed that if the fair sex mixes it with water and drinks, then her chances of having a baby will increase significantly. And this is confirmed hundreds of mothers.

A photo from open sources

The fact that the Tannus don’t take a cent from visitors, only convinces believers of the miracles of “tears of magic at home. “George and Lina also willingly provide fluid to various to scientists. Many experts tried to analyze it and identify oil composition, however unsuccessfully. Apparently, before us a real mystery, not comprehensible to official science.

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