From what the Slavic amulet Molvinets for men and women

The Slavs use amulets, which are the focus of natural forces, to protect against negative energy and dark magical effects. One of the most significant Slavic talismans is Molvinets. Its main function is to protect against gossip and bad rumor. The amulet, like a mirror, reflects evil words, which, as you know, have a material form, and can cause great harm to a person.

molvinets protected the meaning

The meaning of the Slavic amulet molvinets

Molvinets is a universal amulet that protects both from damage and the evil eye, and from evil words, slander, curses. Its name is associated with the Old Slavonic word 'to say', which in translation into modern Russian means 'to speak'. That is, the amulet is a protector from bad rumor.

There is another option for the possible origin of the amulet. The name combines two words: 'they say', 'crown'. In the first word, each of the three letters has its own meaning:

  • 'm' – the material form of human thoughts, expressed in words, the ability through the mental process to influence the world around;
  • 'o' – aura of a person;
  • 'l' is a reflection of individuality, concrete personality, own 'I'.

There is no secret meaning in the word 'crown': it is an adornment worn on the head, which is a symbolic and sacred attribute. Based on the decoding of words, the meaning of the amulet is to protect the head, human consciousness from the negative sent by the thoughts and words of the people around.

Molvin has one more meaning: endowing the owner with the ability to speak clearly and beautifully. The talisman extinguishes rage and irritation, due to which a person cannot control words. Makes the thought process creative, helps to study the knowledge left by the ancestors. The person wearing the molvinets:

  • easily reveals generic wisdom;
  • thinks freely and correctly;
  • has a competent and harmonious speech;
  • easily captures the attention of listeners;
  • acquires a desire for creativity.

The amulet belongs to the category of solar, accumulates and distributes the energy of the sun. The accumulated positive energy cleanses a person physically and spiritually from any negative.

To understand from what the Molvinets amulet helps, you need to take into account the features of its appearance:

  1. The image looks like a plexus of two rotifers. Two signs are inextricably linked, their rays are directed to the center. Visually, the picture resembles a boomerang, and this is symbolic. After all, every evil word, every harmful act is doubly returned to a person. Everyone has to answer for what is said and done.
  2. The intertwined beams create the image of an inclined cross in the central part. It is one of the oldest symbols used since pre-Christian times. It symbolizes the cardinal points. In the word, the cross means that a person, being in any place, is responsible for his words and actions.
  3. Also Molvinets looks like an alatyr amulet. Indeed, in both images, eight rays are connected, directed in different directions. Amulets are similar in meaning. Alatyr is a reminder of the strong bond of each person with their ancestors. Like molvinets, it protects consciousness with the forces of ancestors, feeds thoughts with the wisdom of the Family.

For men

Molvinets for men is a source of inner strength. It helps the stronger sex, who often have to speak in public, to gain clarity of thought and confidence. The amulet is recommended for political and cultural figures, businessmen, teachers.

A person acquires the beauty and clarity of speech, gets rid of the fear of public speaking, and the possible negativity emanating from the audience dissipates. When sincere kind words are spoken to the bearer of the talisman, their positive effect is enhanced.

For women

Women, especially during pregnancy, are susceptible to slander and the evil eye. Even one caustic word or a glimpse of an angry glance can harm the expectant mother and the fetus in the womb. Therefore, for women, Molvinets is a strong protection, it is recommended to wear it as an adornment close to the body, to embroider it on clothes.

For a child

The Slavs often embroidered Molvinets on the clothes of babies, designed to protect against negativity, help in intellectual development and the study of the world around them. The amulet is especially recommended for children who stutter and have other speech disorders.

Teenagers wear molvinets for emotional balance, maintaining normal contact with parents and peers, and a correct understanding of the world. The decoration helps to choose a professional vocation, to improve academic performance.

amulet molvinets

Who needs a protective Slavic talisman

The amulet was embroidered on clothes, towels, linen, painted on dishes, household items. The embroidery made by the mother for the child was considered especially strong.

The amulet molvinets is recommended:

  • a small child learning to speak;
  • a teenager who has difficulties in communicating with parents and peers, age-related mental problems;
  • stuttering person;
  • pregnant women whose energy protection is weaker than that of other people;
  • cultural figures (actors, writers, singers);
  • politicians and other public figures;
  • teachers and teachers.

However, the amulet helps only those who behave decently, do not scold, do not gossip. The owner of the protective symbol must control his speech, direct his thoughts exclusively in a positive direction. Otherwise, the action of the amulet will be the opposite.

How to charge a Slavic amulet

The product is made from a variety of materials:

  • metal (gold, silver, copper);
  • wood (mountain ash, birch, oak).

Many young people apply the image to the body in the form of a tattoo. In this case, the amulet is always with the carrier, acts continuously, therefore, the correctness of words and actions must be constantly monitored.

Women embroider the symbol on natural fabric. Most often, red threads are taken. The choice of material for manufacturing is not critical. The main thing is the energy message, directed by the solar figure.

Molvinets, like any amulet, requires activation before wearing. Do not put on the jewelry immediately after purchase. Surely many people touched him, and these people did not always have positive thoughts. The product is activated once, but in the future it must be periodically cleaned of the accumulated negative. Cleaning is done when the wearer senses that the talisman's defenses have weakened.

The product is charged as follows:

  1. First, the removal of someone else's negative energy is carried out. The procedure is simple: the product is placed overnight in a container with table salt, the next morning it is rinsed with purified water. The used salt must be thrown away and must not be touched with bare hands.
  2. Before the activation procedure, you need to abstract from unpleasant thoughts and everyday problems. All actions must be performed calmly, without fuss.
  3. An ordinary (non-decorative) candle is lit. The product is brought to the candle flame, held over it for some time, first with the front side, then with the back side.
  4. The owner greets the amulet, mentally addresses him with a request for protection.

The cleaning method described is suitable for small items made of solid material. But what to do with protective ornament clothing? You can't put it in salt, you can't hold it over fire. In this case, the water element is used for activation and purification. Either purified water is taken, or from a stream or other natural source.

Clothes are washed by hand (the washing machine does not fit, it destroys the energy of the thing). The washed product is dried, sprinkled with purified or natural water.

Molvinets, provided that it is properly activated and cleaned, helps to get rid of speech defects, establish contact with people around, and protect against ill-wishers. Everyone chooses a charm, following taste and intuition: body jewelry, tattoo, clothing with embroidery. The amulet helps decent people, far from gossip and foul language, who believe in its magical power.

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