Gate to hell

Gateway to HellPhoto from Open Source Texas and Oklahoma State Borders a real gate to the underworld, or rather, a hell of a funnel. That is what this “natural” phenomenon is called.

In fact, this is a funnel on water, the diameter of which reaches almost three meters. For example, American soldiers, recently saw it was suggested that such a hellish funnel could drag to the bottom reservoir (the military does not believe in the underworld) a medium-sized boat, not to mention the small water vehicles that enjoyed by many fishermen.

If, after reading these lines, be sure to look video, then this funnel will seem to you an abnormal phenomenon, which is not accidentally called “hellish” or “hellish”. However how it turned out in fact, everything is much more prosaic. Just on the border of these two US states is one of the largest reservoirs countries.

Formed by the buildup of water using the dam of the Red River River, the reservoir periodically adjusts its level with the opening of special locks that are located at the bottom of the lake. From here on this surface this terrible “hellish funnel” arises, capable of actually causing a disaster for a boat or people floating next to her. For example, a person falling into such a funnel would certainly die. But where would he go further – to hell or paradise, the question is still open.

Fortunately, special reservoir services, opening gateways to the bottom of the lake, make sure that it does not hurt anyone no harm. And the fact that the terrible spinning on the surface of the reservoir funnel, it’s rather just a fun sight, which many tourists They enjoy and admire with pleasure. People love to see something. terrible and at the same time safe for them, it is on this feeling and all horror films were built.


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