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If physicists are strenuously looking for ways to create a time machine, then paranormal researchers are more interested mysterious ports through which people enter the future or the past naturally, bypassing all sorts of devices and mechanisms.

From ancient times, such ports were called the gates of time. It’s believed that it’s not by chance that these gates open, which each of them has your guardian. And therefore, if someone manages to get into the past or future, permission is given from above.

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Cases when people accidentally fell into another time, quite a lot, and if the townsfolk were also more frank and not afraid of ridicule or even that they would be considered abnormal, it would obviously turn out that every second or otherwise, faced with this mysterious phenomenon.

Most often, a temporary breakthrough occurs for a few moments. For example, a driver rides and suddenly sees a picture, like at an intersection, to which he is still approaching, his car collides with a truck flying out from somewhere to the right. Naturally, the driver is sharply gives a brake, and here already personally witnesses how in front of his nose cars fly “crazy” truck, from a collision with by which only a miracle saves him. In this case, psychics say a person is thus protected from death, allowing a glimpse to the future.

But when a person goes to the past or future to long term, here we can already say that before him the gates of time open wide.

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And the presence of time ports, and the ability to create a machine on displacement in the “temporary space” is not yet scientifically proven. True, Professor Ronald Mallett is already constructs a “clothed” time machine, which, according to her plan creator, will transmit past and future messages. If he will be able to do this, even at this level of matter time will be proved that time itself is not at all what we are about think of him. So the past, present and future exist at the same time, if we talk about it, again, using primitive concepts of human logic.

There were and remains more secrets and mysteries in this matter than I would like to. It is to illuminate these “dark nooks” and try the creators of the movie that we invite you to watch.

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