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Gateway to parallel worldsA photo from open sources Recently, people began to notice that in something strange is happening in the world. Then, suddenly, in the middle of the cities there are flashes of fire, then strange sounds are heard, and in the sky mysterious spirals unfold. The most interesting thing is that scientists also cannot explain the nature of all these mysterious phenomena. Therefore, it is entirely possible that humanity needs prepare for an early meeting with residents of parallel measurements. But only they come not from heaven at all, as many expect, but through called the “stargate” which are located on our the planet.

According to recent research, already world models are installed, which contain 11, 26 and even 267 measurements, but it is impossible to observe them, since they are all minimized, but they are still present around of humanity.

So, according to a senior research fellow at the State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg Vladimir Surdin, all these measurements can be related to each other spatio-temporal structures resembling worms burrows. At least mathematics allows them to exist.

Thus, parallel measurements, according to scientists, are related among themselves wormholes or stargates. Among researchers, these gates are better known as quantum tunnel junctions. It remains only to find at least one such transition, get into it, make a trip to a parallel world and go back, which, as practice shows, is pretty not so easy. And numerous examples can testify to this. from past.

So, for example, back in Suzdal chronicles dated 15 century, there is a mention of a woman named Manka-Kozlikh, which on a market day in front of everyone disappeared from the city area. The Novgorod annals of the 17th century talk about the disappearance of the monk Ambrose from the Cyril monastery, which disappeared right during the general meal.

In July 1854, in the American year of Selma, a man named Orion Williamson mowed the lawn and disappeared before his eyes wives, children and neighbors. He has never been seen again. In 1880 a Tennessee farmer David Leng walked across the field and simply disappeared into in the air.

Also, many cases of disappearance of people were recorded in 20 century. So, in 1939 near Krasnoyarsk during construction the camp disappeared a team of prisoners together with a platoon of the NKVD, whom guarded them. Only caps were found at the scene, exactly as many people are missing.

In 1947, in the USA, a plane of one of the local airlines made regular flight. Onboard there were 32 passengers. Due to malfunctions had to land in the mountains. Later, rescuers managed to find the plane, but there was no crew or passengers in it. More of these people have never been seen.

An interesting case occurred on December 1, 1949. US soldiers named James Thetford got on the bus, following the route Albany-Binghamton. Despite the bus traveling non-stop, at the terminal station, passengers found that there was no soldier anywhere, and only a bag and a newspaper remained in its place.

And what happened in Greece in 1997 is easy to explain. impossible. 32-year-old Ioannos Colofidis decided to clean the ancient well. The man went down to him, and when after an hour and a half the assistants pulled him out, then they saw that he turned gray and grew old. A few hours later, the man died, according to doctors, from old age.

All these disappearances, just like hundreds of others, until have not found a scientific explanation, but at the same time they fit perfectly into the so-called “stargate” theory. There is a certain logic in this: in all cases, people disappeared without trace, and, in most of them, the disappearance occurred at numerous witnesses. Of course, some cases can explain by criminal actions of some third parties, but dissolving in air the venerable father of the family in front of relatives can not fit into any criminal hypothesis.

Among all these cases, the greatest interest, at least with the point of view of science, is the history of the Greek Ioannes Colophides. He not only managed to live a lifetime in such a short time span but also come back through the star the gates. ”

Scientists periodically make attempts to explain such mysterious cases. So, according to the Australian parapsychologist Jean Grimbiard, in our world there are about 40 tunnels to other worlds, through that every year people disappear. It is possible that such there are many more tunnels. It cannot be ruled out that such transitions are everywhere, and a knowledgeable person can open a similar transition in a place in which he will be comfortable. But only question: which side of the tunnel will this knowledgeable man – of our world or some other?

Scientists are gradually inclined to the idea that representatives ancient civilizations were well aware of the existence of such tunnels and even knew how to use them. Moreover, it is a journey to other worlds and the acquisition of new knowledge and technologies by some scientists trying to explain megalithic structures that are ideal oriented both in the terrestrial space and in relation to the stars, ancient calendars that strike with their accuracy, spare parts unknown mechanisms that are periodically found in layers preglacial periods and many other things that are impossible explain in terms of modern science.

According to scientists, with the disappearance of civilizations that had access to the “stargate” were forgotten and the paths that are to them led, and all secret knowledge. But this does not mean that if humanity has forgotten how to use temporary tunnels, and getting into them, people can no longer return back, then the inhabitants other worlds have also been forgotten about them.

This theory is partially supported by information that appeared in some American editions. According to her, in 2000 in Gulf of Aden formed a funnel of gigantic dimensions, which possesses powerful energy and very strange properties. To that however, it exists contrary to all known physical laws. Then the same version appeared that the American military, which arrived in the bay, were given the task of not fighting the Somali the pirates who stepped up there (somehow somehow solid aircraft carriers chasing small pirate boats), namely in order to find out what this funnel is, how it appeared, where it can lead and what potential threat to humanity bears.

Another funnel, but already in the sky, appeared over Norway, in December 2009 On the morning of December 9, a luminous appeared in the sky huge spiral, which after some time turned into a funnel that covered almost the whole sky. After for a while everything disappeared. Ultimately, local scientists concluded that the reason for the appearance of such a mysterious phenomenon are unsuccessful tests of the Russian new ballistic missile. In Russia, it was confirmed that the launch of the rocket was carried out, but not to the side Norway. In addition, a month later, a funnel in the Gulf of Aden gradually began to take on the spiral shape that was observed in sky inhabitants of the northern country. And a year later, the exact same spiral appeared over the sky of Australia.

Unfortunately, scientists have not yet been able to establish whether between there is some connection with these cases, and what does the appearance of these funnel.

However, the matter is not at all limited to lighting effects or giant swirls. In recent years, in many different parts some mysterious sounds began to be heard drown out car alarms. These sounds are reminiscent of beeps. Recently, such were recorded in Canada and Europe. And in Germany residents even managed to record these strange sounds and put them on the net. According to experts, the sounds of the so-called “heavenly tubes” can be caused by electromagnetic noise from radiation belts and auroras, aircraft and telephone transmissions or even underground earthquakes. However these explanations sound very unconvincing.

I must say that periodically in different parts of the world people claim to have found these same “stargate”. So to for example, a resident of the English city of Brighton turned to representatives of local authorities with a statement that he managed to find portal to another dimension, and that he fears, no matter how there sucked one of the inhabitants. In the statement, the man preferred not say your name, told that he discovered a strange tunnel while walking with a dog in a city park. By his According to him, a whirlwind rose from the hole he found, which sucked everything that fell into its coverage area. Man beware close go to the place so that his dog does not get into the portal. At first, the man thought it was some kind of performance related with the festival held at that time in the park. However later he I realized that this is an abnormal place, potentially dangerous for people.

At first, the authorities did not react to this strange statement. But the next day a new statement came from the same man, in which a man said that yellow is breaking through the portal light, and a huge snake appeared from the wall. And another man said that he was finally convinced of the correctness of his assumptions, and that this hole is the gateway to another dimension. The man was also worried that if the snake could get out of holes, then other creatures will come for her, and asked for advice.

City officials say they don’t intend conduct no investigation. But, if any of the townspeople wants to express their opinion on this matter, then the authorities all their appeals will be accepted.

Based on the analysis of the English press, this story ended quite successfully, and no other messages were received. But scientist V.Litovka is sure that such portals are very dangerous, because aggressive entities can penetrate our world through them from parallel measurements. A vivid example of this is chupacabra, a mysterious and legendary beast that aroused almost the entire the planet. According to the scientist, this beast penetrates our world through mounds of ancient burials, in particular, Scythian necropolises. By According to him, over the past few years in the field the location of ancient cemeteries eerie screams are heard, and in winter you can to see also the traces of some unknown creature.

It is possible that all these spatio-temporal portals are nothing more than a game of imagination of fans of all sorts of abnormal phenomena, and that all these cases can be explained in terms of materialistic paradigm. But currently none of these facts neither proven nor disproved. So let level theories, but transitions to other dimensions are possible exist.

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