Gateway to a Parallel World: Enchanted Valley in the South Nahanni river basin

Gateway to a parallel world: an enchanted valley in the South Nahanni River BasinA photo from open sources

We have already talked about the Canadian river lying in the basin South Nahanni “The Valley of the Headless.” Everyone who goes there has a chance to stay in the valley forever: months later a search party will find his remains and most likely the skeleton will be headless. But how it turns out that there are places on the river that are even stranger and more dangerous.

The tragedy of the five gold miners

In October 1959, five gold miners decided to go to Sat Nahanni pool seek your happiness. Hired a plane that delivered them to the selected place along with the cargo. Gold diggers planned for several weeks to study mountain exits rocks, identify and stake out promising areas and the same return by plane. However, on the appointed day, the plane does not flew in. They were alone in the middle of a virgin forest, without products, without equipment in anticipation of the approaching winter.

In May 1960, the pilot of one of the aircraft flying over the river noticed the SOS signal trampled in the snow! Arrived by helicopter a rescue expedition found two unfortunate frostbitten people, miraculously survived a difficult winter. Three of their comrades died: two We decided on foot to get to the village 200 miles away, went camping and perished, alone, unable to bear the hardships of wintering, committed suicide.

The pilot who was supposed to take out the gold diggers under the contract, in court he swore that he repeatedly flew into place, but did not see people, nor the landing strip they prepared. Of course, he no one believed it.

But maybe he didn’t lie?

Missing Producer

In 1961, producer Blake Mackenzie decided to make a documentary a film about the tragedy of five gold miners. To the place of tragic events a film crew flew out, a base camp was set up on the lake. January 5, 1962 Mackenzie on a rented Cessna flew into Smith River, where he bought several boxes of food for the expedition. A loaded plane barely pulled away from the take-off stripes. However, he never arrived at the camp.

The missing “Cessna” the military and rescuers searched for 40 days. We flew along the proposed route several times, carefully looking for a crashed plane. But “Cessna” and Mackenzie are in the water have sunk.

The plane was found in August, 8 miles from the camp in a place above which repeatedly flew and which seemed to be studied to the millimeter. We found Mackenzie’s camp and his diary. Very strange diary.

A photo from open sources

Blake Mackenzie’s Diary

Blake wrote that when approaching the camp he fell into a dense cloud fog. Emerging from it, the pilot saw a slope right in front of him mountains, pulled the handle of the steering wheel towards himself, but the loaded plane is not managed to gain height. Blake remained alive, escaped with bruises. First the situation did not look catastrophic: there was plenty of food, he there was a gun and gasoline, the radio was intact, the camp was only a few miles away.

Around lay snow reaching the waist. Every day mackenzie stomped the path, but it was constantly bombarded with continuously walking snow.

What kind of snow? At this time, a clear weather, pilots flew every day, visibility was what they say Pilots, “Million in a Million.”

Mackenzie constantly called rescuers by walkie-talkie, but never received no answer, moreover, the ether was virgin, only the clatter of interference disturbed the silence. A few days later in the world of Blake the weather was clear, he began to burn a fire – from sunrise to sunset in the sky rose a column of black smoke.

However, no one in the camp lying just a few miles from the plane crash site, I did not see a pillar of smoke. Seeking Mackenzie the pilots also did not see any smoke.

Mackenzie wrote that he constantly hears the drone of planes, they fly literally above it, “the buzz is like at the airport,” he constantly lets flares and wonders why the pilots do not respond to it signals for help.

The last entry was dated February 20. Blake wrote that his legs were frostbitten and he sees no other way but to stay in place and wait for help.

The police searched the entire area around the camp in radius several kilometers, although with frostbitten legs Mackenzie could not get away from the camp further than a few tens of meters. However the remains of the producer were not found. The ax and the gun also disappeared.

Most likely, Blake went for firewood, taking with him just in case case and gun. When the world of Blake reunited with our world, unfortunate remained on the other side. It’s hard to imagine his horror when he returned, he found neither a crashed plane, nor his camps. He had no chances to survive.

Legends of the Tropical Valley

Blake Mackenzie was not the only one with whom the neighborhood of Nahanni played such a joke. Among gold miners there are stories about “tropical valley” – even in 50-degree frost shines there sun, warm and green trees.

In 1931, someone Henry Norman visited her. According to his stories the valley was three four miles long, hot from the ground sources. In the 45-degree frost, Henry and his companions bathed, basked in the sun. In support of his story, Normann brought from the valley a green branch.

Frank Graves was talking the other way about the “frozen valley.” Hot in summer it is covered with snow, in its center lies a frozen lake.

Several groups of enthusiasts tried to find their way into “tropical valley” and “frozen”, but each time coming to the specified place, did not find a tropical paradise in the middle of winter, nor a kingdom cold in the hot summer.

Even a place on the map who visited the “enchanted valley” each times show different. Apparently gates to another world can open where whatever. But still it will be somewhere in the river basin South Nahanni.

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