Genius – what is it?

Genius - what is it?A photo from open sources

Every day, half a million babies are born in the world, and at the same time there are only four hundred geniuses on the planet. Where does this come from unique genius in individuals and why it is given to humanity?

Scientists have long struggled with this problem, trying to start though to explain genius and find its origins. True, experiments on the conception of geniuses, for example, in the USA in the eighties years of the last century. However, getting geniuses artificially so far no one has succeeded.

But scientists do not give up hope to solve this problem. IN the proposed film “The Mystery of Brilliant People” by famous scientists, esotericists, writers express their views on this issue. For example, it is believed that brilliant children are born without fail due to the strong mutual love of parents. But is it?..

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