German oak with a mailing address allows people find love

German oak with a mailing address allows people to find loveA photo from open sources

For more than a century, the 500-year-old oak tree, called the Crown, is an important attraction of the German city of Oytin on earth Schleswig-Holstein. Unique tree with its own mailing address, helps many earthlings find their second half. About 40 postmen drop a hollow into his hollow daily letters sent here by single people from all over the planet, who want to find love in such an unusual way.

A photo from open sources

The wedding oak collects letters from all over the Earth

Each of these senders hopes that his letter will be read and write an answer. Nowadays, when there are a lot of sites and dating apps, this approach doesn’t look too effective, however real romantics are ready to rely on fate and write your messages in ink on paper, as in the old days. IN hollow, officially acting as a mailbox, repeatedly correspondence from Russia, Japan, China, India was noticed, Australia

A photo from open sources

The height of the Wedding Oak is about 25 meters, the girth is over 5 meters. A kind of “dating exchange”, ironically become the digital age is even more popular than before, led for all time to conclude at least 100 marriages. And the quantity people who have gotten penpals thanks to the tree do not count. There are two legends, one of which tells about the appearance of the oak, another – about how it became “postal”.

Legends of Outlandish Oak

According to the first myth, the tree was planted in the forest by his son Celtic leader, left there to die by enemies. The Christian girl took pity on the young man and saved his life, and the young man subsequently buried an acorn in this place as a reminder and thanks for the help he received. When the oak reached impressive size, among locals one appeared superstition associated just with marriage. It was believed that if an unmarried girl walks a tree three times under a full moon, not talking and not laughing, but also, being at this time alone, she will soon marry well.

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Another legend, according to historians, for the most part or even totally true. It is reported that at the end of the 19th century they lived here lovers: the daughter of the chief forester of these places and the son of the manufacturer chocolate. The forester forbade the girl to meet with the young man, and then the couple, despite this ban, came up with leave each other messages in the now famous hollow. With time a harsh but sensible father realized that to obstruct the light sense of daughter and her chosen one is useless, and gave his lovers blessing for marriage. The wedding was played on June 2, 1891 under the branches of this very oak.

Lonely people really find so love

The romantic story of this happy couple quickly scattered across Oytinu, and many other lovers began to leave letters in the hollow. Soon, boys and girls had to sort out a whole bunch paper messages to find those that were addressed to them personally. In 1927, a ladder was attached to a tree, and it was hollow got a mailing address. Nowadays, the wedding tree is often attracts the attention of the press, and not only German, but also foreign. April 25, 2009 oak was even symbolically combined a horse chestnut marriage in Dusseldorf, which, unfortunately, died in 2015.

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Local postal service says more total letters comes in the summer. Probably the whole point is what exactly most people associate the warm season with business amorous. If you do not believe in the power of the Crown Oak, then you, maybe you should talk with local postman Karl Heinz Martens. In 2004, he got on national television, telling the audience about the outlandish oak, and after a while barely I didn’t throw a letter in the hollow, which was personally sent to him by a certain Hamburger. Karl decided to meet a stranger, and now they’ve been happily married for 13 years.

Perhaps you should use such mail

A photo from open sources

Thus, if you do not like mobile applications for dating like “Tinder”, you can try your luck and send real letter to the venetian oak. Who knows: maybe you be lucky and your soul mate will read the message through of this mystical tree. No wonder they say that if a person has not found his soul mate, so he was just not looking there. The aforementioned Martens also despaired of establishing a personal life, however the letter of the mysterious stranger has radically changed everything.

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