Ghost plane crashes in Canada

A ghost plane crashed in CanadaPhotos from open sources of

In the middle of last month near Lake Superior in Canada Ontario Ghost Airplane Falls Perplexed police, officials and professionals, including American.

Journalists nicknamed this aircraft a “ghost plane,” and all because there was no pilot in the cockpit. The crash happened 16 March, and still searching for the remains of a pilot who could jump out of an airplane, with or without a parachute, and crash somewhere in the forest.

The investigation was first carried out by members of the Council for Transport Safety Canada, however, their search did not crown success. Now a disappeared balloonist looking for Provincial Ontario Police and Michigan State Police.

A photo from open sources

What happened to the aviator? Maybe he really crashed falling from a height? Or successfully landed with a parachute, however was attacked by a predatory beast? Maybe he just teleported from the cab? Or moved to parallel measurement? What if there was no pilot on the plane at all? Supporters of supernatural theories do not deny such opportunity.

Local sheriff Peter Rountry told the press: “At what point and how the pilot left the plane remains a mystery to us. we didn’t find any traces of it nearby, therefore it can be concluded that the pilot jumped out of the cabin in advance, but fell victim to the unfortunate case. Searches will continue, however the farther from the place the pilot jumped out of the crash, the larger the radius of the searched area and therefore less likely to find a body. We believe that the pilot is dead, because otherwise he had to call help by cell phone. We are with our American colleagues try to do our best to find a pilot, or at least to clarify the situation, what really happened. ”

A photo from open sources

It is reported that we are talking about an American light aircraft “Cessna-172 Skyhawk” 1984 issue, flying March 16 from Ann Arbor Airport in Michigan. At the helm was Chinese graduate student studying at michigan university deciding independently fly from the United States to Canada, taking in rent a four-seater single-engine aircraft. Name police have not yet disclosed the alleged deceased. IN he was last seen on March 15, just as he rented airplane.

The cause of the crash is also unknown. “Cessna-172 Skyhawk can fly on a full tank of 814 kilometers, while how a Chinese unknown to the public overcame a total of 753 kilometers, that is, he could hardly run out of fuel. If in plane and was originally a breakdown, then determine it is no longer seems possible because the aircraft turned into a pile of debris. But the most mysterious in this story that the pilot seemed to dissolve in the air, and it seems – even before of how Cessna 172 Skyhawk began to fall …


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