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The ancient castle of Frangokastello, located on the south coast Crete, in May of each year attracts hundreds of tourists who spend sleepless nights here hoping to see a procession of mysterious “people of dew.”

From the history of Crete

… Ghostly warriors emerge from the shadows cast by the mountain, and march silently in formation, as if they were going to battle or maneuvers. Should any of the “viewers” inadvertently come closer as vision disappears into the sea. Mysterious warriors appear at the hour when dew usually falls, that’s why they are called “people dew “.

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Frangokastello castle in 1371-1374. built the venetian invaders. Subsequently, the Turks knocked them out of Crete, but better from this did not happen to the local population. Greeks often rebelled foreign oppressors. In 1828 detachment of fighters of Hadzimihalis Dalianis tried to start a war of liberation and captured old castle. However, on May 17, at night, the soldiers of Mustafa Pasha took Frangokastello by storm. 335 rebels died in battle Turks were thrown from the wall into the moat. According to many, ghosts the dead are the very “people of dew” …

In fact, this is not so: the fighters of Hadzimihalis fought firearms, the ghostly warriors are chained in armor and carry short swords, spears and shields. It also cannot be shadows. ancient Roman legionnaires: in their hands – round Greek shields, not Roman high scutums.

Ghost warriors of Crete can not be filmed

A phenomenon called “dew people” appeared relatively recently. In any case, the author of the collection “Learning the life and language of Greek of the people “(published at the beginning of the last century) Nikolaos Politis is not mentions such, although he spent a lot of time in Crete, collecting local traditions.

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It is noteworthy that vision is never repeated exactly. Warriors sometimes go in closed formation, and then suddenly march thin chains. Sometimes among them riders stand out, sometimes only visible foot soldiers. Soldiers can pause and even turn back. IN In general, the “sight” lasts 8-15 minutes. As the locals say sometimes they hear the quiet sound of footsteps, the clang of weapons and voices. It happens, that the “people of dew” appear after sunset. All this suggests that versions of the natural origin of this phenomenon are completely baseless.

Another strange feature of this retinue: “dew people” impossible to capture with a camcorder: on screen while only the landscape is visible …

Ghost warriors do not like explorers?

Among the parapsychologists who tried to see and at least somehow explain the mystical spectacle owned by MP Ernest Bennett. The locals told Sir Ernest a lot. He even heard about a case when a woman hesitated, found herself on the path of a ghostly column. Warriors acted as if they saw an obstacle in front of them: they went around a living person on the left and on the right, after which the column closed again. This time the phenomenon disappeared so suddenly, as if it had been turned off. Eyewitnesses rushed with by interrogations to the woman, but as it turned out, she saw nothing, not I heard and did not feel.

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Bennett inquired about the “dew people” from the castle priest Frangokastello. He admitted that he saw ghosts twice: they they were like an army on a campaign and marched from east to west. One times, said the priest, the Cretan archbishop Emenios was with him, who also watched this unforgettable picture. Ghosts walked a column about a quarter mile long; them the procession lasted about fifteen minutes. To see it better phenomenon, you need to watch it while standing, and not when walking, explained a priest.

Bennett himself “guarded” the ghosts until the end of May, after which departed for Heraklion. The very next day, the “people of dew” appeared, as if They were expecting the British to leave. He decided that something unnatural simply left him in the cold. It turns out that ghostly warriors do not they are especially fond of meticulous researchers, but to tourists they are more or less supportive …

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