Ghosts roam in the forest of Transylvania and disappear people

A photo from open sources

Romania’s shrouded mystery forests have always given birth mystical stories, as well as terrifying legends. When is it comes to mystery stories, mysterious land Transylvania (located in Romania), many associate only with vampires. However, this is not the case. Most enchanted the place of Transylvania can be considered the forest “Hoia Baciu”, which located outside the romanian city of Cluj-Napoca. During For many centuries, people have mysteriously disappeared in this forest, therefore over time, it became known as the Bermuda Triangle Transylvania. “Scientists believe it is likely to be mystical the image of this territory was influenced by deformed, twisted trees, of which there are a great many in this forest. And also the stories of people visited this forest. They reported that while walking through the woods felt strange symptoms: temporary anomalies, disorientation, headaches, dizziness, rash, scratches, burns and more … Many eyewitnesses claim that, being in the mysterious territory forests, they heard voices of unknown origin, saw strange shadows, and also observed other paranormal phenomena. Some experts in this field believe that the forest is a trap for lost souls who previously lived in these places.

Bermuda Triangle Time

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