“Ghosts” roaming the cloud

Walking on the cloudPhotos from open sources

At least that’s how it seemed to a teenager who was flying by plane from Warsaw to London on February 15 of this year. In some moment he noticed from the corner of his eye that something was happening in the porthole incomprehensible.

Having looked closely, the young passenger clearly distinguished that in the clouds some “ghostly figures” “walk around”. At first he remembered tornadoes, but somehow it didn’t look very much like this natural phenomenon, and the ghosts on the cloud behaved much more decent any tornado.

The boy began to peer into this strange heavenly phenomenon – still more closely, and it seemed to him that he saw four human figures – two large, and two slightly smaller. Moreover, in one ghost was something like wings. But in general, everything four formed some kind of mystical circle (round dance) on the clouds.

I hastened to remove this unique heavenly phenomenon on a smartphone, the author of the picture writes (later the photo hit the MUFON Worldwide Network), because I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Yes and others airplane passengers who have noticed ghosts in the clouds after my delight, they were also at a loss – what is it?

The young man also reports that ghostly figures on the clouds do not paid no attention to the huge flying past them airliner – apparently they had their own tasks, illusive, but also where more important …

The teenager then showed this picture to his brother and parents, who refused to believe that such a thing is possible in the sky. Thereafter young man and decided to send a photo to the famous organization ufologists. Specialists so far refrain from commenting …


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