Giant angel figures sprang up over By China

Giant angelic figures arose over ChinaPhoto from open sources

Another mysterious phenomenon was observed in dense smog over the PRC. True, this time over a random Chinese metropolis did not arise the image of a futuristic city, and numerous quaint giant figures. Some of them are affected eyewitnesses. distinct silhouettes of angels and other winged creatures subtle world. Thousands of witnesses to such an unusual anomaly local residents, because the likelihood of hoax is practically excluded.

Skeptics claim that this is just an unusual mirage. Chinese metropolitan areas are widely known for their polluted air, and many believe that particles of foreign matter in the atmosphere refract light, acting as peculiar lenses. Thereby the outlines of various objects on earth, they say, reflected in the smog, distorting and changing their proportions. Hence, they say, and “celestial cities”, as well as other strange images, including including angelic visions.

However, of course, not all adhere to this materialistic hypothesis. Some believe that everything is to blame for tricks representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. According to others, speech talking about gaps in the space-time continuum or portals in parallel measurements. Still others blame secret experiments government of the PRC. Fourth are convinced that such phenomena have a supernatural, inexplicable nature associated with God and celestials …


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