Giant bird flying over race track during the US Grand Prix

A giant bird flew over the race track during the US Grand PrixA photo from open sources

A few days ago in the Texas city of Austin, ring races took place US Grand Prix, which is one of the stages of the world championship Formula 1. Naturally, a sporting event was filmed by many TV channels from all over the world.

When the race came to an end, attentive viewers were struck by an incredible detail that suddenly fell into camera lens of one of the operators. Right among racing along the enormous shadow of a bird slipped over the race track in size cars! By turning on the video below, you You can see this anomalous silhouette with your own eyes.

What should be the size of this incredible bird, flying during a race over a racetrack? What is it, actually was a bird? Many witnesses claim that the shadow similar to a bald eagle, which, by the way, is the most famous symbol of the united states. However, it is obvious that such large eagles simply do not exist in nature.

Some believe that the shadow of a certain prehistoric hit the camera creatures like pterodactyl. Others suggest that we are talking about monstrous mutant. Skeptics are inclined to believe that it was a kite or a drone disguised as a bird, not they exclude a bizarre optical illusion.

However, materialistic versions, as always, sin in the main thing: they do not answer the questions of the inquiring mind of man, but only give rise to new ones. For example, suppose it’s a huge kite maybe only a person who never launched them into the sky. Big a drone would attract the attention of viewers and in the first place There were many operators at the event. Optical illusion, captured by a camera so crisp and long lasting, just not perhaps experts in video filming will prove without difficulty. However and prehistoric pterodactyl is nonsense! Wouldn’t he be noticed in the sky: yes meticulous operators of such massive events are looking for any naughty little things to remove them and add to the report to attract more viewers. A here is a prehistoric giant bird!

In a word, the captured shadow remains mystical so far. a mystery, although, as experts say, the answer sometimes lies surface and it is ridiculously simple. And most often – no mystics …

USA Bird Illusion Time

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