Giant black triangle spotted from space

A giant black triangle spotted from spacePhoto from open sources

Arizona ufologist Michael, best known for his pseudonym MrMBB333, posted another intriguing post on YouTube video recording.

American watched satellite broadcast on April 9 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration USA when he suddenly noticed something strange.

Among the clouds over the Pacific Ocean near South America in a certain moment a perfectly flat triangular object arose dark shade and colossal size. Alleged Anomaly sagged there for about seven hours, then disappeared. If you look closely carefully, you can see that at first it was white and only then abruptly turned black.

According to Michael, to the right of the mysterious figure were the Mexican states of Baja California and Baja California. By the calculations of the virtual archaeologist, the length of each side of this the triangle was about 2500 kilometers. Researcher claims that he is watching broadcasts from this satellite for almost decade, however before he had never observed anything like that.

Of course, the World Wide Web immediately flared up heated debate about the nature of the mysterious object. Alone netizens believe it was a giant ship representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. According to others commentators, a secret base created by a shadow hovered over the Earth world government. According to the third, something has opened in the sky like a portal to another dimension. Fourth talk about freaky malfunctioning optics.

The author of the find is in no hurry to give any explanation. incident, however, insists that the satellite malfunction very unlikely, or even completely excluded. All the rest versions cannot be considered by scientists because they are too fantastic. For this reason, the riddle will probably remain so. a mystery, once again confirming that our world is full of unsolved secrets …


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