“Giant” butterfly flying over a swamp Florida

Photo from open sources

Foreign researchers examined panoramic images on Google Earth’s renowned mapping service, and unexpectedly noticed something strange in a random photo, depicting one of the swamps of the US state of Florida.

An intriguing image shows an incomprehensible object in the sky, partially hidden behind the clouds. At first, surprised specialists felt that they found some futuristic aircraft with many yellowish lights on the hull.

However, then the authors of the find took a closer look and realized that the mysterious UFO looks suspiciously … like a butterfly. But how is it perhaps? If the butterfly was flying at that moment behind the clouds, then her dimensions should be tens of meters! Where did this come from monster in nature?

Skeptics have their own explanation for what happened. In their opinion, in the Google’s panoramic camera lens was hit by an ordinary butterfly, however due to poor overlay of one part of the image on another it’s got such a fantastic effect, like an insect was behind the clouds.

Panoramic photos in fact sometimes have various defects, giving some details on them a surreal look, however ufologists and other independent researchers still tend to opinion that we have a normal frame on which was captured something abnormal …

Join the discussion if you have something to say about this about, for example, if you often use the Google service Planet Earth “and you know a lot more about it than other users Internet networks. After all, the butterfly cannot really be giant sizes! Then what is it, what do you think? ..

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