Giant cow raised in australia

Giant-sized cow grown on one of the farms
Australia has become a real internet sensation.

7-year-old Buryonka Holstein-Friesian breed named Knikers
has a height of about 2 meters and a weight of about 1400 kilograms! Believe with
great difficulty, but it really is. By including submitted
below the movie, you can see this incredible “monster”
with my own eyes.

As you might guess, Knickers is considered the largest cow.
in the world and most likely will soon fall into the famous Book of Records
Guinness. While this title officially belongs to the late Burenka
Blossom from America, whose height was no more than 190 centimeters, and
weight barely exceeded a ton.

Fortunately for the Knickers, its sheer size
salvation from the butcher’s ax. The animal has been sold recently with
auction at a relatively low price because the previous owners
elementary did not have the necessary equipment for dressing
similar carcass (the cow is not dairy, suitable in the opinion of farmers only
for meat). New owners, though they have such tools,
still want to save a unique cattle life. And this despite
the fact that a cow can give at least 640 kilograms of selective
beef, not counting other meat products.

After Australian journalists wrote about Knickers, and
then the news was picked up by social media, many residents of the fifth
continent offered to pay for the opportunity to see this
live the giant, feed him with hay and stroke him. Maybe,
the content of the bizarre animal will soon pay off with interest, and
the owners will do without slaughtering an incredible cow.

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