Giant funnel opened on the street Baltimore

A photo from open sources

A huge karst funnel formed in the middle of the street in the area Pastel Range Baltimore, Maryland. According to eyewitnesses, the fall of the earth took about 15 seconds. Stood around strong crashing and crackling. After the movement of the earth has completed, the size of the funnel in size reached the size of a whole city quarter.

As it turned out, 10 cars got into the collapse, parked along a street famous for its painted pastel colors of houses built in the 1920s. Part of the standing along the line of the road, the cars were half hovering over the abyss, just about ready to fall to the bottom. After the incident, all the houses standing next to the collapse line were evacuated. Affected Population There is no Baltimore.

The resulting funnel is a great danger to passing by the railway tracks. On potentially dangerous plot temporarily may be suspended the movement of trains. Baltimore residents are not allowed to approach the scene. To find out the reasons for the collapse and the current state are called geologists. Most likely, the main driving factor has become continuous downpours in and around the city from 30 April.

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