Giant hands of God in the sky fell on video

Giant hands of God in the sky hit the videoPhoto from open sources

Amazing video showing presumably the giant hands of the Lord God Himself in heaven fell into the World the web, instantly riveting the attention of millions of users Networks. The mysterious movie was shot by a certain passenger from the window. a car.

It is known that the action took place in the Australian city of Mackay Queensland State. As you would expect, on the Internet instantly fierce debate arose over the nature of this phenomenon.

By turning on the video below, you can see how in gigantic clouds above the horizon, two gigantic hands rise as if embracing a certain invisible ball. Contrast between lighted a dear and gloomy sky with inhuman brushes creates truly ominous impression. Did the Creator himself seem to the Australians in the sky? Or is it the tricks of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilization? A maybe we are talking about a huge ghost? Where are we alive to know which natives of the other world can exist, and which – not? The theory of reasonable clouds, according to which such “heavenly tricks” may well be some signs giving us this ghostly civilization. Unfortunately, There are no answers yet – there are only a lot of questions. Even eminent paranormal researchers are in no hurry to do any conclusions.

While many web users really believed in that it is a religious sign or other supernatural phenomenon, there were also many doubters about their versions what happened. Some skeptics think it’s bizarre. optical illusion in the clouds. According to others, before us – quite high-quality installation. Still others are convinced that in the window The machines simply reflect the hands of the operator with the phone in them. As if however, the video continues to spread on the Internet, collecting thousands of enthusiastic and not very flattering with respect to comment author.

And no one knows for sure – what is it really ?!

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