Girl with black eyes

Girl with black eyesPhotos from open sources

On the Internet you can find a lot of materials about children with completely with black eyes – about terrible entities that clearly do not belong to our world.

Some researchers believe that these are ghosts from the other world, however, why these ghosts appear during the day and certainly in the image children? Ufologists tend to believe that these are aliens, though here a lot of questions arise, for example, why did the aliens need such a children’s disguise and why should they intimidate people, more often total babies?

For example, here’s what a terrible story happened in 2006 in Disney World Florida, described by Rusty West. He is that warm August day with his parents and younger brother went to their favorite Walt Disney World Recreation Center, where there has always been full of people, and therefore on any attraction had to stand in queues.

And so, being in such a line, Rusty suddenly drew attention to standing in front of a tall man who held a small hand daughter. With his presence alone, this couple caused the boy inexplicable fear, but when the girl suddenly turned around and looked on Rust, he experienced real horror. The eyes of the girl were completely black – without pupils and proteins, while the girl is also vicious she smirked as if enjoying the fear she had caused.

And then Rusty’s younger brother cried wildly: he also saw a girl with with black eyes. Parents, recalls Rusty, immediately became reassure brother, the queue for the attraction had to leave. Leaving Rusty looked around – a tall man with a creepy black-eyed girl in the queue was gone – they seemed to evaporate. Younger brother Rusty then he described what he saw as follows: he looked at me demon…

The most amazing thing, Rusty West later recalled, that neither him parents, no other people – no one but him and his brother noticed this creepy girl in line with her mysterious father, as I did not see them disappearance, although there was nowhere to escape so quickly …

The hunt for black-eyed children has begun?

Children with black eyes haunt many researchers paranormal phenomena. The other day on YouTube video hosting appeared video (see below) of the American ufologist Fantastic Daily, who talks about his research in this area.

A photo from open sources

Daily claims to have received evidence of existence ghosts with jet black eyes. He arranged all kinds of traps to lure these entities into your home. Soon the researcher caught a mysterious low-frequency signal that appeared near his house. He recorded it and then played it nightly signal on a laptop. At the same time, the porch of the house was under constant CCTV camera with IR LED.

And in one of these nights the camera recorded a black-eyed child – a teenage girl with long hair. She according to Daily, was on the porch of his house for about an hour, and then just dissolved. If this is not even a native of the other world, then clearly essence from a parallel world, and the essence is unkind, demonic, because terrible energy of horror emanates from it …

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