God Belobog: the meaning of the Slavic symbol, amulet

God belobog is one of the ancient Slavic magical creatures. He existed even during paganism, however, even after the transition to the Orthodox faith, people continued to believe in his help. Thanks to the continuity, the legends about the wizard have survived to this day.


Legend of Belobog

History often leaves an imprint on people's beliefs. This happened in the case of Belobog among the Slavs. However, the legends of the southern and northern peoples differ.

For several years, the South Slavs suffered from famine and incredible drought. A natural disaster not only caused many deaths, but also gave rise to an incredible myth. It is as if a tall and thin old man, with gray hair and a long snow-white beard, comes to the dying man and touches his chest. Then the person regains strength.

After amazing rumors, many believed that the good grandfather Belobog was the messenger of the gods. He condescended to people to help them get through difficult times. The famine passed, but the gratitude of the people to the unfamiliar gray-haired prophet remained. The South Slavs believed that Belobog himself appeared to them in the form of an old wanderer, since then this wizard has been associated with mercy, kindness and gratuitous help among people.

Famine passed the North Slavs, but a more terrible misfortune came to their territory. In one village after another, they began to find patients with symptoms previously unknown to anyone. A rash appeared, delirium and hallucinations began.

Frightened people even thought that at night a person changes his appearance, turns into a monster of muscles and bones, bare skin. After such a reincarnation, the patient died, but impressionable family members could not get rid of nightmares for a long time. Despite traditional medicine, medicinal herbs and amulets, the pestilence did not pass.

Then the Slavs called out to the deities. Prayers and sacrifices worked: the sick began to recover, the illness ceased to bother people. Those who managed to recover said that they had repeatedly seen a gray-haired old man in a linen shirt and simple peasant clothes walking around the room.

He waves a sheaf of wheat in his right hand and extraordinary, as if unearthly flowers in his left. After several visits, he wished the patient a speedy recovery and disappeared forever. The Northern Slavs also saw Belobog in a wise old man with snow-white hair. Therefore, in addition to virtue, he began to denote recovery and longevity.

Northern and southern Slavic legends united into a single belief, which was especially vividly revealed at the turn of the XII-XIII centuries. During the period of the Tatar-Mongol yoke, the glorification of the great magician continued. Chronicles have survived to this day, testifying to visions in which a gray-haired grandfather came to the people, took away all sorrows, illnesses and misfortunes, endowed with longevity and wisdom.

The symbol of Belobog in mythology

In addition to the territorial difference between the legends about Belobog, there are differences in the interpretation of the symbol of this deity. Each Slavic country interprets the sign of Belobog in its own way.

  1. In the Czech Republic, it is believed that the symbolism of the wizard contributes to a speedy recovery. It is recommended to sew it on clothes or handkerchiefs of children who often suffer from ailments. It is believed that thanks to divine help, immunity is increased, the risk of developing serious diseases and infection by contact with other infected is reduced.
  2. Belobog, whose symbol is especially common in Montenegro, is associated with local people with protection from negative psychological influences. It is believed that thanks to the mark of the deity, you can easily free yourself from addiction, end unpleasant relationships and even save yourself from the influence of an energy vampire.
  3. Croatia is a country where Belobog's symbolism is perceived as extraordinary luck. A person who regularly looks at the runes in the morning and in the evening is lucky. The lucky ones manage to catch their luck by the tail without much effort.
  4. Ukrainian mythology notes that the Belobog symbol endows anyone with unprecedented hard work. Thanks to such a symbol, a person does not need to look for motivation or set regular goals, since the ideal of life, to which the owner of the talisman seeks, will always be before his eyes.
  5. Slovenians believe that the special symbol of Belobog is the key to a successful career. According to legends, a person who has mastered a strong magical rune will be able to perform many tasks and achieve success in a short time. At the same time, you do not need to invest in a long and exhausting work.
  6. Slovakia is a country where the symbols of a white-bearded old man protect the owner from envy and vanity. Thanks to a positive attitude and friendliness that extends to everyone around, a person will be able to win over a large number of strangers. Connections will be the pillars through which it will turn out to achieve career growth.
  7. The significance of Belobog in the Russian Federation is difficult to specify. According to the indigenous peoples of this country, the wizard gives everyone the strength and energy that allows him to recover and continue his life. Fatigue and sadness will pass, because next to the person there will be an unusually strong talisman.
  8. Serbs are careful about the symbol of Belobog, because for them it is a talisman for the whole family and the whole house. It is believed that this sign maintains close relations between relatives, and also allows you to discuss secrets and topics taboo in society without embarrassment.
  9. Polish Belobog is the patron saint of doctors. Since it gives its owner longevity and good immunity, the doctor can work with patients without fear for his health. The healing effect of the symbol also extends to patients.
  10. In Bulgaria, it is customary to decorate one of the corners of the bedroom with the sign of Belobog. It is believed that this mark enhances sexual desire, improves personal life. There is also a positive effect on long-term relationships and the degree of attachment of partners to each other.
  11. For Belarusians, a gray-bearded old man is a symbol of wisdom and peace. It is recommended to carry such a sign with them who want to settle down, as well as those who do not have enough life experience to make responsible decisions.
  12. The Moldavian Republic and Macedonia have preserved the South Slavic ideas about Belobog. Therefore, in these countries, the wizard is associated with gratuitous aid to all those in need. The disadvantaged and terminally ill secretly decorate their pillow with the symbol of this deity, because in the arms of the sage you can find peace and tranquility for several hours.

Amulet Belobog

Amulet Belobog

Amulet Belobog is a powerful talisman. It is necessary for those who have devoted themselves to the following professions:

  • Doctor. Thanks to the medicinal properties that the ancient Slavs believed in, the doctor will be able to more accurately prescribe medicines. The number of mistakes in making a diagnosis will also decrease, and the attitude of patients to the work of a doctor will improve significantly.
  • Traveler. The symbol of Belobog is primordially Slavic, so he will always show a person the way to his homeland. He will also absorb the homesickness, freeing the owner from this feeling. However, when fate itself requires a return to the fatherland, the talisman will greatly affect the heart and mind of a person.
  • Accountant. Beloblog will give kindness and providence to those who are engaged in the accurate calculation of data, the distribution of money and the preparation of financial plans. Such personal characteristics will allow you to better allocate capital, highlighting important spending and avoiding unnecessary ones.
  • Head of the company. The Belobog amulet will allow the owner to create an accurate idea of ​​where the organization should move.

Rune of Belobog

The influence of magic symbols on the owner can be determined depending on the material on which the Belobog rune is inscribed. From metal – to soon professional success. The wooden amulet is an omen of unexpected opportunities that will allow a person to develop as a person.

The plastic symbol will bring focus, diligence and commitment. And stone runes will be the key to family happiness.

Talisman Belobog is a powerful assistant in the matter of professional development and life self-determination. An amulet with extraordinary legends and history dating back to the distant past, will protect you from external influences and help you achieve your goals.

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