“God’s eye” arose over Manitoba

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An unusual solar halo was observed a few days ago over the Canadian province of Manitoba. Optical phenomenon in the form of the luminous ring around the sun surprised eyewitnesses to being looks like a huge eye looking down from the sky.

The presented photograph was taken by one of the residents of the city. Brandon. According to the man, the photo he received, unfortunately, cannot convey a hundredth of that formidable and at the same time bewitching paintings that appeared before him then.

When I looked after the received photograph, the author writes, then was so disappointed that he didn’t even want to put it in The Internet. I agreed to this only because acquaintances who they didn’t see the “God’s eye” with their own eyes, they began to admire my photo. Well, I thought, it’s still better than nothing. I myself will remember this a miracle for your whole life: now nature really can sometimes to surprise and even a little scare …

A photo from open sources

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